These Celebs Have THE Cutest Ear Piercings

Is there any more perfect accessory than a stunning set of earrings?

We think not—and when it comes to fab earrings, the more unusual the ear piercing and placement, the better. It's not that traditional lobe piercings aren't super cute, but we happen to believe that they're made even better by additional piercings on the ear, especially when you're going all out with an extravagant red carpet look. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling for some of the cutest celeb ear piercings of all time.


Rihanna is a style queen in all respects, so it's no shock that she's also winning the ear piercing game. She's often spotted wearing a number of eye-catching diamond-studded earrings, and we love the way she complements dangling studs and cuffs in the lobe piercings with her conch piercings.

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Paris Jackson

We've loved watching Paris Jackson become an incredible musical artist in her own right, and her bold fashion sense matches her fiery persona. Not only is her constellation of lobe piercings the cutest, but we just love how it looks with her chin piercing.

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Hunter Schafer

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer is absolutely killing it on and off the red carpet, and her style at the Vanity Fair party on Oscar night this year was unmatched—especially when it came to her earrings. We love the unique shape of these earrings, which seem to involve double lobe piercings as well as a daith piercing.

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Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz's earring look is so understated that you might not even notice her multiple piercings if you're not looking closely, and that's what we love about it. We adore the subtle, tiny studs in the multiple lobe piercings, and her hooped tragus piercing is the definition of elegance.


Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is the girl of the moment, so we're not at all surprised she also has some incredible ear piercings. We love the way she paired a dangly series of crosses on her lobe with a number of bold conch cuffs to complement her BRIT Awards look.


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Billie Eilish

We can't be the only ones who think that Billie Eilish doesn't show off her piercings often enough! We love her unique sense of style and how she contrasts her casual punk aesthetic with this glam earring look, making use of a lobe piercing and a couple of helix piercings for maximum effect.


Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is another star who knows how to accessorize, and her dazzling earring game proves it. This look is simple yet sophisticated, combining big, curvy hoops through lobe and conch piercings for a truly unique look.

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Miley Cyrus

Is anyone surprised that Miley Cyrus has some seriously awesome piercings? In addition to a couple of simple lobe piercings, she also has an industrial piercing—infamous for being the most painful of ear piercings. Of course, we think the bold bar look through the ear is so worth it.

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is another fashion icon who knows how to accessorize. We're obsessed with these chunky and bold hoops and how they accentuate her lobe piercing, conch piercing and helix piercing, which only add to the fierceness of her overall look.

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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne shows us all that that you don't need big or provocative earrings to make a statement. We love this simple lobe earring paired with even daintier helix hoops, making for something super feminine and chic.

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It comes as no shock that Beyoncé also has some great ear piercings and that she knows exactly how to wear them. We love the way this Ivy Park bar connects her lobe and forward helix, and all of the additional dainty piercings along her lobe and helix are the icing on the cake.

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