Camila Cabello Has A Total Fangirl Moment Over Taylor Swift

Fangirl is basically our second language. And surprisingly, tons of celebs speak the lingo, too! Don't believe us? Just watch these adorbs fangirl moments from celebs like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Katy Perry meets her queen


KP experienced a major moment in her life (all while looking super fab) when she met her idol Mariah Carey. Props to Katy for holding her composure long enough for this pic to be taken.

Jennifer Lawrence is a total fangirl

J. Law met the amazingly talented Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con and she just couldn't even. She literally got so excited that she ran away from him–AMAZING! Is she even real?

G. Hannelius encounters one hot vampire

Our fave nail art cutie won the game of life when she met the handsome Ian Somerhalder at the World Dog Awards. G said he even gave her a kiss on the cheek. DEAD!

Emma Roberts is a true Directioner


The scream queen herself just slays everyone with her selfie with Niall Horan. You can totally tell she's screaming on the inside while taking the pic.

Ariana Grande gets all the feels

Ari lost all her sanity when she met comedy legend Jim Carrey. The poor thing cried, but like same though!

Emma Stone spices up her life

Emma Stone is too cute for words having a little freak out sesh over Mel B from The Spice Girls. She's totally our spirit animal.

Tyler Posey lives out a punk rock fantasy


The super rad Teen Wolf hunk didn't know what to do with himself when All Time Low invited him onstage to sing with them. We support this fanboy lifestyle!

Taylor Swift meets the man of her dreams

This throwback vid of Tay getting the surprise of young life when Justin Timberlake just popped by to pay her a visit. The fact that they're actually really good friends know means there is hope for all of us to one day become BFFs with our fave.

Camila Cabello has the concert experience of a lifetime

Camila had the time of her life finally getting to experience a Taylor Swift concert IRL. Anyone notice how she has '13' written on her hand? She's a fangirl and she's proud!

Laura Marano and her fiery #WCW


The Austin & Ally star couldn't keep her cool when she got to meet the lovely Shakira. Laura shared that she was completely speechless when she met the singer. Honestly, who wouldn't be?

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