You Absolutely Have To See Cara Delevingne's Bold Nail Art!

Deciding just the right way to paint your nails can be a super difficult decision to make. Thankfully for you, we have found a way to make painting your nails a little bit easier. Just polish your nails with your fave color, obvi! Whether you like red or blue, there's nail art perfect for you (Apparently we're poets now. It's whatevs.).

If red is your favorite color, you more than likely have a big and bold personality just like Rita Ora. You like to get out there and experience the world and show people who you are. Rita's amaze red nails are definitely the design for you.

Rita Ora's red nail art with jeweled spiders on them.

(via wild1067)

If you like blue, you are calm, cool and collected. You live life the way you want to, because you find following your beliefs incredibly important. So you're basically like cool girl Zendaya. Her wavy blue nail art is perf for your chill vibe.

Zendaya is holding up her wavy blue nails for a picture

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If your favorite color is yellow, you are certainly one happy person. Just like Bella Thorne, you always have a smile on your face. Bella's bright yellow nails with whimsical polka dots are a fantastic way to show off your fun-loving personality.

Bella Thorne is holding up her yellow nails to show the camera.

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People who like pink are all about love, which is really no surprise. You love everyone and everything with your huge heart just like Raini Rodriguez. Give the love around with Raini's fun nail art.

Raini Rodriguez is holding her pink polished nails up to the camera.

(via BOP & Tiger Beat)

If you like the color black, you are just as sophisticated as Demi Lovato. You tend to take charge and are probably the leader on all the group projects. Demi's fierce nail art will show everyone that you mean business.

Demi Lovato's pointed nails are painted black with gold flakes over them

(via Hollywood Life)

If green is your favorite color, you know exactly where you belong. You are secure in who you are as a person and you don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Let Cara Delevinge's wacky nail art be your guide to expressing yourself.

Cara Delevingne's nails are painted green with '2 MIL' written on them.

(via Popsugar)

If your fave color is white, you are one simple person. And that's not a bad thing because Kylie Jenner is totally one too! Show off your simplicity with Kylie's chic cutout nail art.

Kylie Jenner's white nails are on display with a huge skull ring on her middle finger.

(via Reveal)

If purple is your color of choice, you are someone who likes to create order. You are a bit of a perfectionist like Katy Perry, so you quadruple check everything you do. Give your nails the perfect treatment with Katy's glittery nail design.

Katy Perry's glittery purple nails are on full display in this photo.

(via People)

If you love the color orange, you are a social butterfly. You are an easy-going individual who loves socializing with anyone and everyone, which makes Hailee Steinfeld your spirit animal. Hailee's outfit matching bold nails are perfect for your next conversation starter.

Hailee Steinfeld is showing off her orange nails that perfectly match her dress.

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Which celeb nail design are you going to test out? Tell us in the comments below! And make sure to send us pics of the nail art you rocked.