Beauty Products Celebrity Hairstylists Swear By

Getting celebrity-approved locks is no easy feat.

One can only imagine all the super hard work and expertise that goes into nailing a memorable red carpet look. We did the legwork for you and researched some of the best products celebrity hairstylists keep in their arsenal. From a $4.99 hair spray to a $449.99 hair dryer, we've rounded up the tools the pros swear by.

Read on to find out their secrets and get ready to channel some serious Ariana Grande ponytail vibes.

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Flexible Hold Hairspray

Selena Gomez has been known to rock the most enviable waves. Her hair always looks perfectly touchable and a bit undone. Her hairstylist Marissa Marino spilled the tea on a $4.99 hairspray that will make your next hairstyle look like a million bucks. Pantene Pro-V's Airspray Hair Spray is alcohol free and boasts a flexible hold. This ultra lightweight formula provides a smooth but natural finish for any style. It leaves your 'do moisturized with body and bounce. Perfect for a "I didn't try that hard" cool-girl feel.


Pantene Air spray



Bungee Hair Ties

Ariana has long held the title of ponytail goddess. Thank goodness for her stylist Aaron Light who gave us mere mortals a behind-the-scenes look at how to achieve her surreal look. His secret is a product that retails for only $3.50! Bungee hair ties are an actual thing and let me tell you, boy do they they pack a punch! They look pretty much like you would expect a mini version of a bungee to be: two hooks connected via an elastic. Unlike regular hair ties, this tool lets you wrap and unwrap your hair without pulling or tugging. They are sold in three pieces per pack and can be purchased in three different shades. 

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Hair Oil

Zendaya has been dolling out ponytail envy ever since we can remember. She is a style chameleon who isn't afraid to finish her looks with an unconventional hair style. Famed Hollywood hairstylist Kim Kimble has been working with Zendaya for awhile and she finally confessed to one of the products she uses on the pop star herself. Hair oils are typically used on thicker hair that needs nourishment. Kim suggests using Nexxus Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil which is enriched with a six-oil blend. The formula is said to encapsulate hair and impart moisture from deep within. Don't attempt to use this product if you have fine or greasy hair, it will only weigh it down.

Hair Oil Nexxus



Supersonic Hairdryer

Kaia Gerber is always sporting the most enviable "California-girl" hair we've ever seen. We love seeing her flowy strands with a bit of a natural wave. To achieve such effortless style, you have to start with a good foundation. Her hairstylist Jen Atkin is a big fan of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. This futuristic-looking contraption allows you to shape your hair one section at a time without messing up what you aren't styling at the moment. The machine measures temperature 20 times every second (!!) making sure it's always what it should be. The $449.99 pricetag is a bit hefty, but hey, a girl can always dream right?

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