Would You Taste Test These Celeb-Inspired Oreo Flavors?

S'mores Oreos are coming this summer! We know they're going to be delicious, but we think Oreo really dropped the ball when they named them. S'moreos, anyone? We came up with a few of our own celeb-inspired Oreo flavors (and of course we weren't afraid to make them as punny as possible!)

TaylOREOs would obviously consist of deep red velvet cookies with sepia-toned cream cheese frosting. Even though they'd start out as a limited edition, they'd be made a permanent Oreo fixture (because, like Taylor, they'd never go out of style)

oreos taylor swift tayloreos

OREOna Grandes would have a delicious pink strawberry filling between white powdered sugar cookies!

ariana grande oreos oreona grande

VictOREO Justices are all about that "Gold"! The banana bread cookies would be filled with dark chocolate.

victoreo justice victoria justice oreas

CimOREOellis would feature 6 uniquely patterned cookies with different flavors in every box. We don't know if we'd be able to pick a favorite!

cimorelli oreos cimoreoellis

Last but not least, LORdEOs would feature the classic Oreo's chocolate cookie, with a vibrantly purple blackcurrant cream. Mmmmm….

lorde oreos lordeos

Which other celeb-themed Oreos would you create? What flavors would you be dying to try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.