Celebrity Phobias Even Weirder Than Liam's Fear Of Spoons

Liam Payne has FINALLY revealed why he's so scared of spoons. When he was a kid he had to do dishes as punishment for making trouble at school, and seeing other peoples' disgusting spoons totally turned him off from them! But he's not the only star with a major fear. Find out if you share a phobia with any of these celebs.

Liam's One Direction bandmate Niall Horan apparently has a fear of pigeons when too many are flying overhead. Have the same fear? It's called peristerophobia.

It turns out 1D is full of funny phobias. We can relate to Harry Styles' dentophobia, or fear of dentists.

Kendall Jenner has total trypophobia. If you're never heard of it, it's a fear of irregular patterns of small holes, like in a cantaloupe or English muffin, and it's more common than you might think!

Jennifer Lawrence has a fear of singing in public, or decantophobia, but she doesn't let it stop her from doing it.

Taylor Swift's fears are a little odd, but we wouldn't expect anything less. She's afraid of getting framed for murder. Plus, sea urchins give her the creeps.

Among Selena Gomez's various fears is emplekosyrmaphobia, or the fear of tangled wires. We can't imagine how she deals with our daily tangled earbud nightmare.

Shailene Woodley is totally afraid of flying, which we're sure is tough for a movie star like her. Maybe her pteromerhanophobia means she's not so dauntless after all.

Dylan O'Brien deals with spooky situations every week on Teen Wolf, but it turns out he has a fear of drowning. In particular, he HATES flying over the ocean. That's one strong case of aquaphobia!

Josh Hutcherson is arachnophobic with a petrifying fear of spiders.

Ariana Grande is pretty fearless when it comes to dealing with the paranormal, but her phobia is pretty mundane. She has mysophobia, the fear of germs, and she HATES being around sick people.

What are you afraid of? Tell us in the comments and share your favorite odd celeb facts with us at SweetyHigh.com.