Here's How You Can Get the Ariana Pony in 2 Minutes Flat

Ponytails are a classic go-to hairstyle when you want to keep those luscious locks tamed but still look fresh and cute. The only problem? They can feel a bit repetitive— especially if you wear them often (and hey, we don't blame you— ain't nothing wrong with wanting to pull your hair back). Inject some spice into your ponytails with this collection of easy ponytail hacks.

1. Get a Giant Ponytail Like Amber Montana

Having a powerful ponytail like this girl isn't that hard, even if you have thin hair.


Just stack two ponytails on top of each other, hiding the lower one, to give the illusion of a really full mane of hair.

2. Get Volume Like Selena Gomez

Want a ponytail with lots of volume like this songstress?

You probably have at least a few butterfly clips sitting around. Hide them within your ponytail to give it a little extra pounce.

3. Hide the Elastic Like Bella Thorne

Want Bella's cute hidden elastic look? Here's how.

Wrap a small piece of hair around your elastic and secure it with bobby pins to give you this classic look. You can even braid it like in the pictures below for a little extra pizzazz.

4. Class it Up With a Chignon Like Camilla Belle

Chignons definitely still fit into the ponytail category, but they're a classier version of their counterparts.

Make an easy one with these steps.

5. Go for the High Pony Like Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is queen of the high ponytail.

If you've been crushing on Ariana Grande's signature high ponytail, here's how you can make your own.

6. Get Twisted Like Ashley Tisdale.

Ashley's twisted pony looks glam but comfortable.

Took get the same look simply twist your hair as you pull it back. You can start the twist near your temples for a look like Ashley's, or lower down for a more relaxed version.

7. Rock a Sleek Pony Like Katy Perry

This classic ponytail looks good with all sorts of outfits.

Copy Katy's look with a few simple steps.


Have you tried any of these for yourself? Tweet us pictures of your favorite hacks and let us know which ones worked for you!