THIS Is How You Achieve The Most Flawless Selfie Of All Time

Do you aspire to have the strongest selfie game in the universe? We've graciously blessed you with the ULTIMATE selfie tips to follow based on selfies from celebs like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Yeah, you're welcome!?


Nails On Fleek

Need a casual way to show off your freshly polished mani? Act "surprised" like Demi Lovato and there you go!


Everyday is Caturday

Follow in Taylor Swift's selfie trail and take a selfie whenever your animal decides to cuddle with you so your followers are completely aware that you are the queen of the cat ladies.


The Thinker

Show the world that you are quite the intellect by capturing yourself in a moment of thought (even if it's just about pizza). Use Selena Gomez's pensive selfie as inspo.


Stunt Double

If you're having a particularly off day, take a page out of Cara Delevingne's book and throw in your eerily similar selfie double in the pic instead.


It's All In The Genes

G Hannelius has the right idea! Taking a selfie with your mom AND actually posting it will keep you on her good side for years to come.



Take your selfie game to the next level by posing with a pineapple like Bethany Mota. It also reminds everyone just how unique you are!


Purrrfect Pout

Forget about your cat eye, it's all about the cat mask meowadays! So find a cat mask and post a selfie quick so Ariana Grande knows she isn't the only one who can rock this trend.


Scream Queen

Did your crush FINALLY text you back? Sydney Sierota of Echosmith knows just the selfie you should post after such a momentous occasion.


If you would call yourself a selfie queen, then you probably own a selfie stick (or two) that you take with you EVERYWHERE. But you should take a look at at the times you should def not be using it!