The Only Celebs You Need To Be Following On Snapchat

Add following these celebs on Snapchat to your to-do list for the day.


Zendaya's weird snapchats

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Celeb: Zendaya

Snapchat Username: zendaya_96

What She Snaps: All the slay worthy selfies you need and the most hilarious videos you'll ever watch


Dove Cameron Snapchats

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Celeb: Dove Cameron

Snapchat Username: DoveCameron

What She Snaps: Tons of adorable selfies and cute couple pics with Ryan McCartan


Rydel Lynch as a chipmunk on Snapchat

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Celeb: Rydel Lynch

Snapchat Username: rydelhigh93

What She Snaps: Behind-the-scenes R5 content that will fill your heart with joy and, of course, all the Rydellington cuteness


Carson Lueders snapchat

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Celeb: Carson Lueders

Snpachat Username: carsonlueders22

What He Snaps: Selfies that will make your heart melt! Plus, all the fun he has during a typical Carson day.


Little Mix funny snapchats

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Celeb: Little Mix

Snapchat Username: littlemix_offic

What They Snap: All their behind-the-scenes snaps will have you feeling like you're the secret member of this girl group.


Shawn Mendes snapchat old man

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Celeb: Shawn Mendes

Snapchat Username: shawnmendes1

What He Snaps: Workout selfies and singing vids that will have you crying for days


Bella Thorne Snapchat

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Celeb: Bella Thorne

Snapchat Username: bellathorneDAB

What She Snaps: Workout vids that will inspire you to pause your Netflix binge and get active


Ansel Elgort funny snapchat

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Celeb: Ansel Elgort

Snapchat Username: anselelgort

What He Snaps: Videos funnier than all the dad jokes in the world and his gorgeous face


Meghan Traior snapchat

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Celeb: Meghan Trainor

Snapchat Username: mtrainor22

What She Snaps: The extraordinary live she lives and her fangirling over every celeb she meets, just like the rest of us


Fifth Harmony Snapchats

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Celeb: Fifth Harmony

Snapchat Username: fifthharmony

What They Snap: Them being the crazy goofballs we know and love


Zayn Malik snapchat

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Celeb: Zayn Malik

Snapchat Username: zayn

What He Snaps: ALBUM AND NEW SONG UPDATES!!!!!!!!!


Selena Gomez Snapchat

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Celeb: Selena Gomez

Snapchat Username: selenagomez

What She Snaps: Selfies, duh, and all the weird situations she somehow manages to get herself into on the daily


Demi Lovato funny snapchat

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Celeb: Demi Lovato

Snapchat Username: theddlovato

What She Snaps: A firsthand experience on what it's ~really~ like to be Demi Lovato


Miranda Sings snapchat

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Celeb: Miranda Sings

Snapchat Username: immirandasings

What She Snaps: The only snaps worthy of being viewed by your eyeballs


Ariana Grande must be some clovers in the atmosphere snap

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Celeb: Ariana Grande

Snapchat Username: moonlightbae

What She Snaps: Videos of her showing off her insane vocal range


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