Celebrity Mothers (Not Taylor Swift!) We'd Love To Call "Mom"

After a Swiftie named Maddie started calling Taylor Swift "mom," Maddie's REAL mom made a passionate plea for her daughter to stop. Taylor sided with the mom, agreeing that she's not worthy of such a title, but here are some real celeb moms who totally deserve to be called "mom" (by us). 

taylor swift tells fans not to call her mom

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If Beyoncé were our mom, she'd teach us all how to be endlessly flawless. Queen Bey would show us the meaning of confidence. Would that make us all Princess Bey?


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Kelly Clarkson could sing us to sleep every night. She seems like the sweetest mom ever, and we'd love to inherit those pipes.

kelly clarkson celebrity mom

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Reese Witherspoon seems like the ultimate fun mom. The future Tinker Bell would share her style with us, plus we bet she could teach us some perfect acting pointers.

reese witherspoon and kids celebrity mom

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Having Kristen Bell as our mom would literally mean we'd be the daughters of Princess Anna. With an amazing voice, a fabulous sense of humor, we would want to be around her 24/7. Plus, she is just too cute.

kristen bell and baby celebrity mom

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Stormie Lynch would be an ideal mom mostly because we'd love to actually be part of the R5 family and being sisters with Rydel would be the best ever, though it would make our crushes on the boys a little awkward…

stormie and rydel lynch celebrity mom

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Jada Pinkett Smith would be a dream mom, nurturing our spirits and giving us total freedom to be exactly who we want to be. Who wouldn't want to be as creative as Jaden and Willow?

jada pinkett smith and willow celebrity mom

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Madonna is THE queen of pop, which must instantly make us honorary princesses. She's totally iconic, and we're sure at least a little of that would rub off on us.

madonna celebrity moms

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Which celebrity are you not ashamed to call "mom"? Let us know in the comments!