These Celebs Are Loving Animal Crossing As Much As We Are

One of the things keeping us together during these difficult times is being able to spend it with friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, even when we can't be physically close.

The game actually helps us feel more connected with the world around us, and we love when we see some of our favorite stars also on their own quests to develop the perfect island getaways. Keep scrolling to find out which celebrities are loving Animal Crossing as much as we are.

Chrissy Teigen

We're not at all surprised that Chrissy Teigen was immediately on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons train, asking fans the night before launch when she'd finally get to start up her new game. Since then she's turned to her Twitter audience repeatedly for tips on how to progress, but our favorite moment was when she caught her first ancient coelacanth fish (and revealed her plans to immediately sell it for big bucks).


Brie Larson

That's right—Captain Marvel herself is an Animal Crossing fan. Not only is her in-game character super cute, but the actress and filmmaker recently took to Twitter to ask everyone how their islands were developing—including a prompt for pics.


Mark Hoppus

blink-182 bassist and frontman Mark Hoppus is clearly getting a lot of fun out of his Animal Crossing experience, sharing all kinds of photo and video captures all over his Twitter account and asking for fan advice. But our favorite moment was when Mark shared his in-game music room—complete with posters of all of his neighbors and other favorite characters that definitely required an Amiibo or two.

Kevin McHale

What's former Glee star Kevin McHale up to these days? Turns out as he's practicing social distancing, he's also been baking, growing out a 'stache and playing a lot of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. We can relate (besides that mustache part, of course).


Elijah Wood

Actor Elijah Wood'Animal Crossing habits were exposed after a story of his in-game travels went viral on Twitter. Elijah DM'd a player after she Tweeted that she had high turnip prices for the day, and wound up being one of many who visited her island. He had some very complimentary things to say about her lovely getaway and was generally polite and delightful, making us all extremely jealous.


Shannon Purser

All these years later, Barb is still one of our favorite Stranger Things characters, but we may love the actress who played her—Shannon Purser—even more. She took to Twitter to explain the naming convention behind her Animal Crossing island, Eden.


Joan Grande

Even Ariana Grande's mom is getting in on the fun, though it seems that last month, she had a bit of an issue with the Stalk Market. It seems she brought a substantial amount of turnips, but then time-traveled forward, which resulted in all of them spoiling. We all learned a valuable lesson from Joan's mistake, and it seems she did, too. At least now, she also has her son Frankie playing the game to help her figure it out. Or not…


T. Pain

T. Pain is proof that Animal Crossing is a game for everyone. The rapper, writer and producer has been Tweeting a ton about the game, but our favorite moment was when he visited wife Amber Najm's island and left her a huge wealth of bells so she could treat herself when she was running low.

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