6 Celebs Who Don't Care If You Notice Their Acne

Acne is the worst.

It's irritating, sometimes painful and a real confidence killer, especially when people feel the need to point out the blemishes on your face.

As much as acne sucks, it's always nice to know you're not alone in your skin struggle. In a series of Instagram stories posted over the weekend, Lorde discussed her struggles with acne and the myriad of unsolicited advice she receives.

Under an acne LED light therapy device, the "Green Light" singer tells the world about her constant struggle with acne, the innumerable methods she's tried to fix it and the fact that she still receives simplistic "quick fix" advice from people all over the world. She's even had people ask if she bothers to wash her face.

But Lorde ends her mini-rant on a positive note, telling any fans who struggle with bad skin that she "feels your pain" and "we'll get there, we will."

Lorde isn't the only celeb who owns her acne struggle. Keep scrolling for six stars who don't care if you notice their acne:

Kendall Jenner

At the 2018 Golden Globes, Kendall rocked the red carpet sporting more than just a beautiful dress—she also had a fairly obvious breakout on her face. Kendall has been open about her struggles with acne in the past, so when a fan complimented her on her obvious self-confidence via Twitter, she easily replied that acne should never get in the way of doing what you want.


China Anne McClain

China McClain has taken a step beyond the world of acne by telling her fans to embrace all their imperfections. In a makeup-free selfie posted on Instagram, the Descendants 2 star told fans that each and every imperfection makes them beautiful and unique, so we shouldn't shy away from them.


Miley Cyrus

As a huge self-love advocate, it's not surprising that Miley Cyrus has been very open about her struggles with acne. She's posted more than one Instagram sporting all types of blemish creams, face masks and spot treatments, each one making us feel just a little bit better about our own acne struggles.


Rachel Bloom

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator and star has opened up about how her lifestyle affects her skin. In an acne-focused Instagram post, Rachel tells fans that she is especially prone to breakouts during the middle of shooting a new season because of her hectic schedule and fatigue that comes along with it. She also thanks her makeup artist for her amazing work in hiding the breakouts from viewers—and it's just too relatable.


Lucy Hale

One of our Pretty Little Liars faves has also been open about her struggle with acne. She even went so far as to re-post a paparazzi shot where she's sporting a fair amount of zit cream, showing that she has no shame about her skin imperfections.


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