9 Of Your Fave Celebs You Had No Idea Had YouTube Channels

We've been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately (oops), and thanks to some major creepin', we've discovered that *SURPRISE* some of our favorite stars have their OWN YouTube channels. We obviously had to share!

Celeb: Kylie Jenner

YouTube Channel: Kylie Jenner  (makes sense ?)

Why we love it: OK, so Kylie's YouTube channel is beyond perfect for us because it revolves around her and Kendall's new app, which you know we are ALL about. The channel is basically gold because it features exclusive clips revealing what video content will appear on the app next. It's like our own personal sneak peek!


Celebs: Lauryn and China McClain

YouTubeChannel: Lauryn & China

Why we love it: It's FULL of fun games, challenges (we couldn't stop laughing during the Water Gargling Challenge), and great advice. We REALLY feel like we know the girls.


Celeb: Maisie Williams (raise your hand if you watch Game Of Thrones?!)

YouTubeChannel: Maisie Williams

Why We Love It: Maisie's channel is definitely on the newer side, which get's us really pumped for all of the AMAZING things to come. She plans on featuring videos of things that make her laugh, sketches, and fun ideas she has that she wants to share with just us! Her first Q&A video is reason enough to get hooked on her channel, tbh!


Celeb: Karlie Kloss

YouTube Channel: Klossy

Why We Love It: It gives us Karlie's perspective on all aspects of her life. It's like we're inside of her head! Karlie spills about all of her recent adventures, stories, and backstage secrets. Not to mention, she shares to us her love for baking and even introduces us to some girls who are making a HUGE difference in the tech world?. UGH, just another reason to love this member of T-Swift's girl squad. 


Celeb: Alyson Stoner

YouTube Channel: TheRealAlysonStoner

Why We Love It: This actress, singer, and dancer extraordinaire never ceases to WOW us. Her channel features original music videos, bonus content from original films, and some killer choreography sessions that we can't stop watching. Maybe we'll finally learn to dance like Alyson!


Celeb: Shay Mitchell

YouTube Channel: Shay Mitchell

Why We Love It: OK, so if you're looking for a channel with everything including hair and makeup tutorials, fashion and fitness advice, and recipes, than Shay is your girl. Her channel has EVERYTHING. Oh, and did we mention she also shares some behind the scenes PLL deets?! Score.


Celeb: Mack Z

YouTube Channel: Mack Z

Why We Love It: Hair and makeup tutorials, fun things with her friends (like prank calling fans with Brynn Rumfallo!), and official music videos. What more could we ask for?! This is hands down one of the best ways to feel like you really know Mack Z!


Celeb: Ashley Tisdale

YouTube Channel: Ashely Tisdale

Why We Love It: We honestly had NO idea one of our oldest and favorite Disney Channel stars was on YouTube. Ashley gives us behind the scenes videos of photoshoots, and let's us see the workings of her Lifestyle website, 'The Haute Mess.' Oh, and she even has a great throwback video of her and Selena Gomez dancing in their pajamas. Just sayin'.


You now have hours worth of celeb YouTube videos to watch, you're welcome! Need more? Check out these YouTube singers you will be equally obsessed with HERE.