6 Celeb Duos You Didn't Know Kissed on Camera

Kissing on camera can be totally awkward, but celebs are total pros at it, right?

We bet you didn't know (or remember) that these six celeb pairs shared an on-camera lip-lock in the past!

1. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage

If you never watched the original Boy Meets World, then you wouldn't know co-stars Danielle Fishel and Ben Savaged actually shared their very first kiss ever while filming the show. It's totally sweet and awkward, but whose first kiss isn't? This was one I'm sure the pair laughs about to this day.

2. Zendaya and Zac Efron

We totally forgot that Zendaya and Zac Efron starred in The Greatest Showman together. Honestly, how could we with that seriously epic kiss they share? The two stars are hot commodities on their own, but together? Let's just say we're hoping for some IRL sparks in the future.

3. Selena Gomez and Dylan Sprouse

Not many know that powerhouse Selena Gomez actually got her first kiss on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Not only was it her first kiss, but it was also with fellow actor Dylan Sprouse. Selena was 12 at the time but we think it's safe to say that's when she truly started to become the goddess she is today. We're sure the two look back on the scene and cringe, but can you really say it was your first kiss if it wasn't at least a little bit weird?

4. Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight

Remember a little show called Sonny With a Chance? It was definitely one of our Disney Channel faves and we bet you didn't know former stars Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight shared a kiss on the show. In a hilarious fake date scene, the two lock lips in an unforgettable way. You'll have to watch to see what we mean.

5. Victoria Justice and Cole Sprouse

Let's take it way back to season one of The Suite Life, before Dylan got his moment with Selena, to remember the epically adorable kiss between Cole Sprouse and Victoria Justice. We're here for all these former Disney and Nickelodeon stars crossing paths at a young age.

6. Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer

In their DCOM Jump In!, Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer shared one of the cutest moments on TV, and we almost didn't even realize it. Corbin Bleu will always have a special place in our hearts after High School Musical, and Keke Palmer is a fierce young lady who continues to wow us with everything that she does.


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