10 Memes You'll Definitely Relate to If You've Ever Used a Cell Phone

Cell phones are simultaneously the most awesome and most stressful things to ever be invented.

We literally can't imagine our life without our phone, meaning we're severely attached to it. Which is sometimes okay and sometimes highly problematic.

We don't want to think too hard about the impact our cell phones have had on us, so we decided to turn to memes to explain all our phone feelings.

Keep scrolling for 11 memes you'll relate to if you've ever used a cell phone.

1. Uh oh…:


2. We've never been more relieved:

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3. There's no way to prepare for this pain:


4. Seriously, just send a text:


5. We can't do anything right:

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6. We did the math and that doesn't add up:

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7. The logic is sound:


8. Huh, never seen this before:


9. We weren't aware it was possible to look this bad:

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10. Ouch:


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