Everything to Know About Dancer Chachi Gonzales

Part of the  I.aM.mE dance crew, Chachi Gonzales regularly kicks serious butt. 

We got to know her this week and now have a major girl-crush. Find out everything you need to know about this mega-talented gal below.


(via Instagram)

Full Name: Olivia Irene "Chachi" Gonzales

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Birthday: Jan. 23

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. She learned a lot about living for yourself and being happy this past year.

"Don't compromise your happiness for anyone else. Live your best life and create your own reality." -Chachi Gonzales

Am I the cover of High School Musical yet? NEW BIDEOOOO IN BIO ????????

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2. Her fave pizza toppings are pepperoni, mushroom and black olive.

3. There's nothing she loves more than smiling. Her most-used emoji is the laughing face.

4. She could drink pickle juice all day, every day.

5. Whenever she's having a bad day, she turns to videos of penguins to make her feel better.

"They're my favorite!" -Chachi Gonzales

6. She's all about being adventurous and going new places, but admits she isn't the best with directions.

"I basically need Waze to get out of my apartment complex." -Chachi Gonzales

Squad ????

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7. She completely adores her fans and loves meeting them all so much.

"Everyone is amazing and is always so cute. I just want to hold y'all forever!" -Chachi Gonzales



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