ROZES Talks to Us About The Chainsmokers' 'Crazy' Whirlwind Success Since Working Together

The Chainsmokers are a Grammy-nominated, household name duo now, but their success has been a seemingly overnight whirlwind—and not just for its members.

Their former "Roses" collaborator ROZES—who has been on the journey with Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall since near the beginning of their career—tells Sweety High it feels "amazing" to have joined them, and to see how far they've come. 

"I remember Drew showing me 'Don't Let Me Down' before it came out and the original writer was singing it," the singer (born Elizabeth Mencel) says. "For me, it's crazy to see how their world has evolved and it makes me hopeful and proud."

ROZES, who saw the two guys a couple of weeks ago, had the pleasure of wishing them the best on their multiple Grammy noms (Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance).

"It was nice to congratulate them," she says. "[These are] unbelievable and something to be proud of. Hard work pays off. They were two guys who started from the beginning, which is very rare. I think that for me it was nice to see as an outsider who didn't grow up with a TV when I was little or something like that, to know that it's something that is doable for the average person."

Although ROZES' 2014 hit with the duo wasn't Grammy-nominated, there are no hard feelings.

"I think Daya does a great job with ['Don't Let Me Down'] and I think that it was perfect for them to have another indie artist on there that's female," she said, when asked about the young pop singer, who is up for one of the coveted awards on Feb. 12. "It kind of just coincides with everything that they've done and bringing indie artists to light."

But while ROZES is definitely a cheerleader for her pals, she's got her own bright future to think about.

"I definitely have some exciting collaborations coming up that I can't mention right now, but they're exciting, I assure you," she says. "I do have new things coming out, hopefully an LP, and new music in February and March. I'm really excited for what's to come."

Singer ROZES

(Photo Courtesy of ROZES)

As for her biggest takeaway since entering the music business?

"I can't compare my path to somebody else's because it's definitely the surest way to cause stress and anxiety and all the things that come along with the industry," she says. "Everybody makes it their own way and hard work pays off. The work never ends and the accomplishments are infinite."

The "Under the Grave" singer closed out 2016 with a cover performance of the Christmas classic, "Auld Lang Syne," and she debuted the video with Sweety High.

In addition to new music, ROZES hopes 2017 is a year of being on her phone less and "being present" more.

We can't wait for everything she has in store!


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