Turn Your Favorite Frame Into a Stylish Mini Chalkboard With 6 Easy Steps

If you're looking to upcycle your favorite picture frame into something that's both stylish and practical, you've come to the right place.

With the right tools, you can transform your frame into a mini chalkboard in just a few easy steps. Just follow the tutorial below:


– A frame with glass or plexiglass glazing

– Chalkboard paint

– Chalk (or a chalk marker)

– A paintbrush or sponge

– Steel wool or sandpaper



Step One:

Start by removing the glazing (that detachable glass panel) from the frame. Before you begin, give it a good cleaning with soapy water or glass cleaner and make sure it's totally dry. If it's dirty, the chalkboard paint won't stick well in a later step.


Step Two:

Gently rub the entire surface of the glazing with your steel wool or sandpaper. You won't be able to see the microscopic scratches this leaves all over the glass, but it's an important step. Without it, the chalkboard paint will become brittle and peel away.



Step Three:

Lay out some paper so you don't make a mess. Place the glazing down on the paper, and pour a small amount of chalkboard paint directly on the glass. Using your brush, paint upward strokes until the entire front surface of the glazing is covered. If needed, add more paint. Wipe off any excess on the paper. Let dry for one hour before continuing.



Step Four:

After the paint has dried for an hour, do a second coat. Repeat the same process as before, except this time, do downward strokes with the paintbrush. This will minimize any texture on the surface. Once this step is completed, let the project sit for 24 hours.


Step Five:

After a day has passed, the paint should be fully dried and cured. Carefully place the glazing back into the frame and your chalkboard will be ready to go.



Step Six:

With your chalk, write your first message on your brand new frame chalkboard. When you're ready to clean the slate, use a damp towel and dry before using again.



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