Never Added Salt to Your Coffee? You HAVE to Try the New Chamberlain Coffee x Osmo Salt Collab

Whenever Emma Chamberlain gets involved with something, I take notice, so the second I learned that her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, had teamed up with Osmo Salt for a line of coffee-enhancing salts, I knew she must be on to something.

Beginning today, March 8, the two beloved foodie brands are teaming up to show the world just how magical the combination of coffee and salt can be with three signature flavored salts. These unique salts are the brainchild of chef and content creator Nick DiGiovanni, and when the team behind the collab reached out and asked if I'd be interested in sampling them for review, I just had to say yes. They sent me all three Chamberlain Coffee x Osmo Salt flavored salts, plus some of Emma's signature coffees to taste test. Here's what you need to know.

The Brands

As one of the leading Gen Z coffee brands, Chamberlain Coffee needs little introduction. It was founded by everyone's internet bestie, Emma Chamberlain, emphasizing great coffee that focuses on quality and simplicity, with a playful and fun approach that cuts out everything extra.

Osmo Salt is known for its premium cooking and finishing salts, using complementary flavors to bring out the best in all kinds of dishes. With unique textures, ranging from flakey to fine or even powdery, and bold flavor infusions, they're carefully crafted to enhance taste—and that remains the case with their collab with Chamberlain Coffee.

The new line includes three coffee-enhancing salt flavors—Cinnamon Bun, Caramel and Hazelnut—with a thick, crunchy consistency and infused with classic flavors, especially for adding to coffee. Individual flavors are available in 2.5 oz jars for $17.99 each, or you can nab all three flavors for a discount at $48.99.

Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt three flavors

(via Osmo Salt)


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The Salts

Cinnamon Bun

Before actually making a cup of coffee with the Cinnamon Bun salt, I just had to see what it tasted like on its own. I placed one of the salt crystals on my tongue and was met with a slightly sweet, almost buttery cinnamon flavor, and knew I was in for something special.

Next, it was time for some experimentation. I got my water hot and poured it over one of Chamberlain Coffee's Cold Brew Singles, which are brewed much like a cup of tea with a bag, and after six minutes, I was ready to add the Cinnamon Bun salt and have my first taste. Now, I normally can't deal with black coffee (I like a lot of cream and sugar, when it's available), but after reading that salt counteracts bitterness in coffee, I had to try it simply salted, and I was truly wowed by the results.

The resulting cup was delicious, with all of the harsh, bitter flavors of the black coffee completely negated by the salt—and with the cinnamon and vanilla flavor coming through beautifully. I was able to finish the entire cup without any milk or sugar. Of course, on my subsequent cup with the Cinnamon Bun salt, I used both milk and sugar and found the drink even more irresistible, with a barista-quality flavor I usually have to pay extra for at a coffee shop.

And it turns out that the Cinnamon Bun salt isn't just great for coffee. I've also tried it on vanilla ice cream to get a crunchy, flavorful bite unlike anything else I've had.

Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt cinnamon bunflavor

(via Osmo Salt)



Upon opening the Caramel salt, I noticed it had a slightly gooier texture in the jar, which makes sense, given the flavor profile. Again, I sampled the salt on its own and found that the Caramel crystal was much sweeter, with the warm, well-rounded flavor of caramel coming through quite boldly.

This time around, I knew I wanted a sweet, creamy coffee, and the Caramel salt made for an unbeatable complement with my sugar syrup and oat milk of choice. The caramel flavor felt indulgent without being sickly sweet, and since nothing pairs better with caramel than salt, my first mug was gone before I knew it. I can see this being a fast favorite among fans, and I already know I'm going to run out of this flavor long before the others.

Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt caramel flavor

(via Osmo Salt)



Last was the Hazelnut salt, with a nutty, earthy flavor that I knew would be especially delicious in a latte. Again, I brewed my coffee and added a dash of the salt along with my milk and sweetener, and the end result was one of my all-time favorite hazelnut coffees. I tend to find most hazelnut coffee products to taste artificial, with an overwhelming scent, but the flavor this added to my drink was subtle and refined. If you've been looking for a better way to get hazelnut goodness in every cup, this just might be the way to do it.

Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt hazelnut flavor

(via Osmo Salt)


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Bottom Line

After trying Chamberlain Coffee and Osmo Salt's line of coffee-enhancing salts, I'm positively hooked. Each of the three flavors is delicious, yet subtle, making coffee much more enjoyable by giving it a smoother feel and taste while adding flavor notes to truly enhance every cup. I also love how versatile these salts are, as they can be used for more than just coffee—or even combined for unique blends of flavor. They definitely are on the pricier side, so you may have to give them a pass if you're sticking to a budget, but even if I don't restock once I run out, I do plan to make salt a regular part of my coffee-drinking experience. Whether or not you plan on investing in these salts, I think you should give salted coffee a try, too.


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