Pop Queens Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen Team Up for One Incredible Tune

Charli XCX takes the crown as the Queen of Collaborations.

She's worked with all of our fave artists on some incredible songs over the years, but her recent hit with Carly Rae Jepsen has quickly become our fave.

Keep scrolling to listen to Charli and Carly's new tune together, along with our other top New Music Friday releases.

1. 'Backseat' by Charli XCX feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

We've been blessed with a ton of collaborations we didn't see coming this year, but this one definitely takes the cake. It doesn't get much better than hearing two of our fave pop goddesses belting it out together on one catchy tune.


2. 'Stuck With Me' by The Neighbourhood

All things dark and moody, this '80s-esque track is all we could've hoped for from one of our fave rock bands. You'll find yourself bobbing your head along to the rhythmic beat, while pondering the deeper meaning of the lyrics.


3. 'Reckless Lover' by Handsome Ghost

Getting over someone you once loved is never easy. If you're currently struggling with moving on from a past romance, you'll totally relate to this melodic masterpiece from Handsome Ghost.


4. 'Do Right' by Glades

Electro pop trio Glades is here to still your heart with their upbeat anthem "Do Right." A superior dance jam, the lyrics are also filled with advice the world should really listen to.


5. 'Winter Means Nothing (Without You)' by The Maine

With the holiday season in full swing, we couldn't resist putting a festive new jingle on this list. You may claim you're not a "fan" of Christmas music, but that'll change once you listen to this acoustic track from The Maine.


Listen to these tunes whenever you want by following the playlist below:


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