Charlie Puth Isn't a Fan of 'LA Girls,' and His New Album Explains Why

Today is New Music Friday, and this is a big week for Charlie Puth!

Even though the singer-songwriter has topped the charts since 2015 with his debut hit single "See You Again," it wasn't until today that he released his first full-length album.

Voicenotes hit the web (and our ears) first thing this a.m., and we've been obsessively listening ever since. We've learned a lot about the musician through his new songs, and you can keep scrolling for more on that—along with four other artists who also released new music to our ears today.

1. 'LA Girls' by Charlie Puth

Part of what we love about Charlie's candid, 13-track collection is his openness about romantic mishaps. We got a taste of it in his previous hit "Attention," which refers to a mystery girl party-hopping in L.A., with the hopes to see him around, but only to play with his heart.

Charlie continues to address troubling L.A. females in "LA Girls," in which he questions how he got caught up with these ladies when the best thing he had is back in New York. The majority of his other songs also touch on being played. While we can't speak on his love life, sounds like The City of Angels has at least been a good fit for him professionally.

2. 'Rocket Girl' by Lemaitre f./Betty Who

We're wishing we could "fly across the universe" with our fave Aussie pop starlet Betty Who, just like she sings about doing in this Lemaitre collab. The always-empowering singer gives us everything we need to get our weekend started off just right.


3. 'Agenda' by Emma Blackery

Were you recently dissed by an ex or a crush? Emma Blackery's powerful "Agenda" reminds us that it'their loss, because guess what? If someone can't see all the amazing things we have to offer, then we don't want 'em anyway. Even if you're happily taken, there's no denying this song is a bop, so prepare to turn it on and turn it up.


4. 'Mad Mad World' by Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee is our fave under-the-radar pop artist. She co-wrote Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," along with almost all of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale album, and so many more iconic tracks—so it only makes sense that we get super excited when she releases songs of her own.

While it's near impossible to top the amazingness of 2013's "American Girl," her latest track "Mad Mad World"—an electropop ode to the aftermath of a 2017 tragedy—has us feeling positive even when the world around us causes our heads to spin.


5. 'Move' by Milo Greene

We stand by pretty much anything released by Milo Greene. The indie pop group is so easy on the ears that, really, who can say no? After a long week of grueling tasks and assignments, "Move" will calm your nerves as you ease into the weekend.


If you dig Charlie as much as we do, then you'll want to take THIS lyrics quiz to see how well you know his music!