All the Reasons We're Obsessed With Charlie Puth

It's no secret that we totally adore Charlie Puth.

But just what is it about this star that has us going all heart eyes all the time? Keep scrolling for all the reasons we're obsessed with Charlie Puth.

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His Voice

Some singers are known for their catchy beats, some are known for their impressive performances, but Charlie's standout star quality is definitely his voice. He has a wide range of sound that adds something unique to his songs, and his melodious tunes always showcase his impressive vocals. What can we say? The dude's got talent, and we have the ability to totally fangirl over it.


His Looks

We'd like to think we're above caring about someone's looks, but we'll definitely make an exception for Charlie. I mean, c'mon… he's just so cute. It's not the most important thing about him, but it definitely adds an extra level to our obsession. If there's a singer with incredibly talented vocal ability and a nice-looking face, we're totally here for it.


His Lyrics

Part of Charlie's draw as an artist stems from his ability to be totally honest with his lyrics. Not only does he reveal a lovable piece of his personality with each song, his total openness also makes his tunes ridiculously relatable. He infuses everything he writes with an incredible emotion that has us feeling all the feelings every time we hear it. An artist who can do that simply has to be adored.


His Work Ethic

There's no getting around the fact that Charlie is just ridiculously talented, but it's his work ethic that's truly made him an object of our obsession. He decided what he wanted to do with his life and has done everything in his power to accomplish that goal—and he's been pretty darn successful! A natural-born ability won't get you anywhere without drive and passion to back it up, and the fact that Charlie refuses to rely on his talent alone to carry him through is totally inspiring… and just a little obsession-worthy.


His Desire to Stay True to Himself

Perhaps what  we love most about Charlie is his desperate desire to stay true to himself. He's been pretty open about the fact that Nine Track Mind didn't capture who he really was as an artist. In his newer albums, he's made a decision to stay true to himself and to the music he really wants to create. Not only has it brought him massive amounts of success, it's also an inspiring reminder that going after what you want is never the wrong decision.


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