How Getting Rid of Toxicity Inspired charlieonnafriday's 'Enough'

charlieonnafriday's unique rap-pop sensibilities have quickly made him one of the top rising artists on the scene, and his latest single "Enough," which dropped in August, has been everywhere.

The Seattle rapper has been on a roll since "After Hours" put him on the map last year, and "Enough" further showcases his unique, melodic flow and his way with words. It's a song about coming to the realization that a relationship isn't right for you, and learning not just how to move on, but how to thrive in the aftermath. We haven't stopped listening since it dropped, and we got the chance to ask charlieonnafriday all about the track, its lyrics and more in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'Enough'

charlieonnafriday: "Enough" is about coming to the realization that there's something toxic in your life and knowing you need to get rid of it—that you've had "Enough." This kind of acceptance isn't always easy, but I think it's necessary to move forward and live a happy life. My inspiration behind writing the song comes from wanting to live a more positive life, hyper-focused on the good, which sometimes means needing to push out the bad.


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What 'Enough' Means

charlieonafriday: I hope for my listeners, "Enough" allows them to recognize the toxicity in their own life—or whatever negativity they may be dealing with—realize they need out, and move on. It's important to note that this doesn't necessarily only have to be within a relationship with another person, but it can be anything that metaphorically calls you. Remember that you don't have to pick up.


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charlieonnafriday's Favorite Lyric

charlieonnafriday: "Everything you promising is really a bluff." Sometimes, things or people in your life can make promises and they oftentimes aren't true or don't come to fruition. Everyone has their own agenda. It's important to me to check in with myself and make sure I'm not being blindsided or lied to. The only person who has your back 100% of the time is yourself.


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