Everything You Wanted to Know About Country Sensation Chase Matthew

There's no doubt that Chase Matthew is one of the boldest and freshest voices in country music today, and after a knockout 2022, we can already tell this year is going to be even bigger for him.

The Warner Music Nashville star made quite the splash with his Born for This album, with his deep and rumbling, yet always warm, vocal tone and honest and resonant songwriting. He ended last year with sold-out shows across the country and the chart-topping "Love You Again," and he's gearing up for a headlining tour of his own in 2023. If you're like us and can't get enough of Chase, just keep scrolling to discover everything he shared with us as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Chase Matthew Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Justin Mayotte)

Name: Chase Matthew McQuitty

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Birthday: December 20

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Fun Facts:

1. Chase comes from a family of fantastic cooks.

"To this day, my mamaw still makes the best lasagna I've ever had, and my mom makes a killer chocolate pie."

-Chase Matthew

2. The film I Can Online Imagine brought him to tears.

3. He's the youngest of five kids, with three older brothers and one sister.

"But we didn't grow up in the same household together, so in many ways, I have that 'only child' mentality. I think it's helped me push that much harder to achieve my goals over the years, and my parents have always been my biggest cheerleaders."

-Chase Matthew


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4. His skills on a drum set are pretty mind-blowing.

"I love it so much that I'll actually have my tour manager take over the mic for a song during my live set while I play the drums."

-Chase Matthew

5. He's also super passionate about all things to do with automotive and mechanics.

"I've rebuilt many vehicles over the years and customized more than I can count. When I'm not touring, you can find me in my garage, working on a car."

-Chase Matthew

6. His favorite way to unwind after a tough day involves a bit of comfort fast food.

"Y'all ever had a Grilled Cheese Burrito from Taco Bell? If you need to unwind, that's the way to do it. Take a little drive with the windows down and treat yourself to some T-Bell along the way."

-Chase Matthew


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7. His biggest hero is Jesus.

"I look up to him a lot—no pun intended."

-Chase Matthew

8. If he could only buy his clothes from one place, he'd pick Walmart.

"No joke. I can't be the only one who recognizes how much they've stepped up their game in the clothing department over the last few years. Not to mention, I can chow down on a bag of Hawaiian rolls while I'm shopping. That's a win-win situation, y'all."

-Chase Matthew

9. He's probably seen the Veggie Tales movies more times than any other films.

"Those have been my jam since my Sunday school days. I still know the words to every song."

-Chase Matthew

10. His biggest pet peeve is people who always complain about their lives while doing nothing to change their circumstances.

"You can't expect for things to change if you don't take the initiative to change them yourself."

-Chase Matthew


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11. His fans are always able to put a smile on his face.

"Have you seen my smile? All jokes aside, when I'm up on stage and I get to hear my fans sing the words to my songs, moments like that still amaze me, and I am so grateful for them."

-Chase Matthew

12. Above everything else, Chase is always real.

"I'll always be genuinely myself, especially when it comes to my feelings and emotions. Whether that means I'm feeling generous or I'm feeling angry, I'm an open book, regardless. I try to not hide who I am. I may be imperfect, but you are, too—so let's party."

-Chase Matthew


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