The Best Birthday Gifts to Give Your Friends When You're Basically Broke

Birthdays may be about a lot more than just gifts, but when it's a close friend's big day, it's natural to want to show them you care with a present. Alas, many of us can't pull a Kylie Jenner and get our BFF a Birkin.

Fortunately, just because we can't live out our designer dreams doesn't mean the birthday presents we do give our friends aren't special. All you need is a little creativity.

Here are some gifts you can DIY for your friends on a low budget.


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A Fancy Chocolate Box

A box of dipped strawberries is a super sweet (and pretty!) gift, but a box at a specialty store can run almost $5o. Instead, make this gift yourself. Pick up a plain box from a craft store, some white cupcake liners, candy melts or chocolate chips, and two boxes of extra-ripe strawberries. Carefully mix your warmed chocolate with a bit of coconut oil or Crisco to thin it out, then dip and place in the cupcake liners. You can get creative and add sprinkles or nuts, too. After chilling in the fridge, arrange the strawberries in a box, and boom — so fancy!

Strawberries not so much your friend's thing? Dipped Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, or sticks of marshmallows look adorable, too.

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DIY Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

Tie-dye is a huge trend, but an extra-plush sweatshirt can run you nearly $50. If you have a small budget to work with, pick up a plain white or light-colored crew neck from Amazon, which typically runs about $10. (Hanes has some great choices!) Pick up a single bottle of fabric dye in your friend's favorite color, and tie-dye the sweatshirt in whatever design you choose. Have a little more cash to spend? Pick up a pair of sweatpants as well for a sweatsuit look. The whole outfit should only run you about $25, but will have a cool custom feel. 

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Birthday Bento Box

YouTuber Mikayla Greenwood came up with this birthday idea that's ideal for a person in your life with a major sweet tooth. Buy a cheap clear craft box with multiple sections, and fill each compartment with your pal's favorite candies. They sell a similar concept at specialty candy shops like Sugarfina, but here, you can add whatever candies you like and save money by doing it all yourself. You can even decorate the box with fun birthday designs, or even attach candles, pom poms, or anything else festive.


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