Here's What Happened When I Worked Out in $6 Leggings

Whether you work out a lot or a little, you're well aware that the fitness itself is half the battle.

Much of how we perform during our sweat seshes relies on what we wear to get the job done. If we lack comfort, support or style, our workout can suffer. Even now, owning more leggings than I can count, and a generous selection of sports bras and workout-appropriate tops, I still find myself often faltering in these areas. I have a bigger bust than most of my peers, so fitting supportively into a sports bra without bouncing around is almost unheard of. And when it comes to leggings, some have a little lower rise than I'd ideally want, so I find myself frequently having to pull them up mid-workout.

That's why when I began wearing Alo Yoga pants (I wish this were an #ad, but it's not), I never wanted to take them off. They suck you in, in all the right places, they have flattering styles, they're high-rise and beyond comfy. I think every workout pant should be modeled after Alo's. And, well, it appears Jvini got the memo (minus the $115 price tag).

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I stumbled upon Jvini's Alo-inspired leggings during a stroll through Sweety High's local gem, the Fox Hills Mall, in Culver City, California. There was a big sign at a store called Waikiki that advertised $5.99 leggings—yes, you read that correctly. At initial glance, I simply chuckled and muttered to my colleague that I would never. But after a little more thought, I came back to the store by myself the next day and swooped up a pair to find out just what it's like to work out in a pair of $6 leggings.


The Product

As you can see above, the color selection was limited—but the pink leggings looked so good on the mannequin that I just couldn't turn them down. Sidenote: These particular mannequins had bigger behinds than I'm used to seeing. Not sure if these are meant to fit big-bootied ladies, but just a hunch, maybe?

Anyway, the 92% polyester, 8% spandex leggings come with pockets and an elastic waistband—all in all, everything you'd ideally want in a legging. The material was obviously much thinner than that of my Alos, but that was to be expected.


The Experience

When I slipped these bad boys on, my first thought was that they actually fit better than I'd expected (as far as looseness was concerned)—and they weren't bad in the rear, either. That said, I'm 5'1, and these are not made for short girls. My legs are my strength area and my stomach is my problem area, so aside from the booty, these leggings were baggy everywhere except my stomach, which it did not conceal one bit. I threw on a longer top and booked my workout class.


I had to do something quick-ish and near the office, so I opted for a 45-minute barre class. This was good because barre classes are low impact, so as long as I was wearing something, I'd pretty much be okay. There wouldn't be a whole lot of bouncing around.

Once I got inside the class, insecurity kicked in quick. At the office, I was able to laugh off my fashion faux pas among my coworkers, but it was a different story inside a high-end fitness studio filled with girls wearing leggings with material so high-tech I'd never even heard of the brands. Not only was I new to this class altogether, but I definitely looked the amateur part with my little ensemble.


In addition to my appearance, it's also important to note that because the material is a lot thinner, if you're in a high-intensity class that causes you to sweat a bit, it's not going to be a pretty outcome for your leggings. All of that said, these pants are actually pretty comfortable! Awkwardness and appearance aside, I had absolutely no issues working out in these leggings. They provide ample stretch and are relatively soft on the skin.


Bottom Line

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When I shell out the big bucks for Alo, I'm not only paying for the name, but the immense, luxe comfort, trendy style, flattering fit and sweat protection. Each pair of Alo pants I own are more than $100 more expensive than a pair of Jvini. If you really don't care about the way you look when you work out, I honestly say, get out there and swoop up your own pair of Jvini. Or if you're a tall girl, I think you'd have a better experience with them than me. But if you work out a lot, and it's more of a lifestyle to you, then, well, you know my answer.


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