4 Things to Consider Before Dismissing a Product With Cheap Packaging

We're not going to lie, we're total suckers for good packaging.

Sure, a product has to work… but we're definitely more inclined to judge a book by its cover.


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It's also more likely to make it onto our Instagram Stories, or on our feed in a #shelfie post. That said, we don't completely disregard products with unsavory aesthetics. If a product is awesome, not even a bad exterior can keep us away.

Ahead are four things to consider before you dismiss a product with cheap packaging.

Its Effectiveness

Efficacy is the most important thing to consider. If it's effective, then it's worth keeping and even repurchasing, regardless of it's cheap-looking exterior. Sure it might not be the star of your Instagram photo, but if you're seeing a noticeable improvement after using it then you should definitely keep!


Its Reviews

If you're considering a product that has ugly packaging, a scroll through the reviews section is a great place to start. If the product in question has amazing customer reactions, then it's worth it to keep. However, if the reviews are just OK and most harp on the cheap packaging, then maybe consider looking at other brands.

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Whether or Not You Enjoy Using It

At the end of the day, you're the one using it. Do you like it? Then who cares if it's an eyesore. You don't need to have it out on display 24/7 either—find it a nice home inside your medicine cabinet and only pull it out when you're using it. Simple.


Whether Its Transferrable Into Something Nicer

If the packaging irks you that much, consider if you can put the product in a different container. There are plenty of generic components you can pick up at a Target or even drugstore. If the product permits, just upgrade the packaging to something you like.


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