Try These 8 Beauty Tricks Only Cheerleaders Know

By now you've probably binge-watched Cheerif you haven't, we highly recommend you do!—and you've probably noticed that the Navarro cheerleaders have some serious beauty skills.

When cheerleaders hit the sidelines for football games or the mat for competition, you better believe their hair is perfectly coiffed and their lashes are on point. Cheerleaders are known for being incredible athletes while demonstrating expressive showmanship and being impeccably groomed. Below, we've rounded up eight incredible beauty tricks only cheerleaders seem to know.

The Bigger the Bow, the Closer to Heaven

There's nothing more distinctive than a huge, perfectly fluffed cheerleading bow! These toppers make the quintessential complement to a half pony or high pony for competition.

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Always Put Mascara on Your Bottom Lashes

A big part of cheerleading is showmanship, which is why dramatic eyes are basically a requirement when you're in uniform. The best way to make your peepers pop? Jiggle your mascara wand on your bottom lash line.

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A Red Lip Pairs Perfectly With Your Uniform

Red lips aren't only Taylor Swift's signature—they're also a staple for cheerleaders. It's all about the pageantry, and red lips really draw attention to the mouth, which is great for enhancing your cheer spirit.


Aquanet Is Your BFF

Want hair that lasts during a full double whip to being tossed up to top girl? One word: Aquanet. This hairspray has been around since the 1950s, and it's easy to see why–it legit freezes your hair into place.


Sleep in Soft Rollers For the Tightest Competition Curls

Competition day is all about the curls, and if your team is doing a tight pony with ringlets, then soft rollers are going to be your new secret weapon. Apply them the night before, sleep in them and then take 'em out the morning of. Give them a big dose of hairspray, and voila!

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Tease Your Way to the Perfect Front Bump

Tease it, don't bump it! A good 'ol backcomb will do the trick to get a cheer-perfect half-up bump.

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Waterproof Mascara and Liner Are a Must

They laugh, they cry, but their makeup always looks fly. After a killer performance, there is rarely a dry eye in the room—although you'd never know it because everyone's makeup stays intact thanks to loads of waterproof mascara and liner.


Long Hair Is Your Best Tumbling Accessory

Ever noticed that cheerleaders always seem to be unphased by their super long hair waving around? Long hair appears to be the length of choice for cheerleaders, and it sure does look cute when they're tossing their heads back and forth.

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