The New Cheese Tea Trend May Sound Weird, but It Tastes Great

"Cheese tea" is the next big drink trend taking over China, Taiwan and Malaysia, and it's starting to invade the U.S.

The name may sound weird, but once you find out what it's all about, the drink is actually pretty tempting. It takes traditional cold tea drinks, from milk tea to herbal teas and matcha, and tops them with a yummy layer of whipped cream cheese.

We visited a local shop that specializes in the drinks called the Little Fluffy Head Café to try them for ourselves.

The café has a bunch of cute drinks to choose from, from a classic boba milk tea to camouflage matcha and jasmine green teas—but we opted for the "Dirty Mess" milk tea, which was topped with a creme brûlée cream cheese as well as a generous sprinkling of crushed Oreo.

Fluffy Little Head dirty mess cheese milk tea capped

The drink came in a super cute specialized cup, but we obviously had to take the lid off to see the glorious layers underneath. The foamy cream cheese was quite thick—enough to support all of those tasty Oreo crumbs—and when we put the lid back on and took the first sip, it was delicious.

Fluffy Little Head dirty mess cheese milk tea

The cream cheese itself tasted much like cheesecake, and combined with the Oreo cookie crumbles and milk tea, it tasted almost like liquid cake. The froth didn't give off the impression of "cheese," but rather of a thick whipped cream with a bit of tang. Not every sip seemed to include the cheese, which we believe was due to the angle at which we tilted the cup for each one. However, that variability was actually a plus, giving us a slightly different texture and taste with every drink.

After our first adventure with cheese tea, we're eager to go back and try it again. There are so many ingenious drinks on the menu we've yet to explore, and they all sound worth savoring at least once.


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