12 Savory Items Delectable Enough for Every Cheeseburger Lover

If you weren't already aware, today is a day you should be celebrating. Why? Well, because it's National Cheeseburger Day.????

Express your love of this savory food to the world by rocking one or all of the 12 cheeseburger-inspired items below.

1. Cheeseburger Dad Hat: $26

Do we even need to explain why you should have this hat in your life? Just look at it in all its glory!

Cheeseburger embroidered on a white baseball cap

(via Etsy)


2. Cheeseburger Ankle Socks: $8

Cheeseburger socks will definitely have your feet feeling like they're in paradise.

Cheeseburger ankle socks from Living Royal

(via Living Royal)


3. Cheeseburger Cat Pin: $10

Combining cats and burgers—this pin is all things purrrfect and delicious.

Cheeseburger pin with a cat shaped bun

(via Etsy)


4. Cheeseburger Beanie: $9.99

Fall weather requires beanies, especially ones that look like cheeseburgers.

Cheeseburger beanie from Target

(via Target)


5. Cheeseburger Pillow: $13.48

There's no better place to rest your head than on these buns.

Cheeseburger pillow

(via Amazon)


6. Cheeseburger Backpack: $54.95

No other backpack even comes close to the level of cool exuded by this gem.

Steven Universe inspired cheeseburger backpack

(via Cartoon Network Shop)


7. Cheeseburger Pop-Up Brush: $6.99

While it may appear to be just a simple cheeseburger, this item turns into a brush once you flip open the top. It even has a compact mirror inside. A backpack necessity for sure.

Cheeseburger pop-up brush

(via Claire's)


8. Cheeseburger Clutch: $26.99

This handbag will always come in clutch when you need it to most.

Cheeseburger clutch

(via Etsy)


9. Cheeseburger iPhone Case: $27.08

Only the best way to describe every cheeseburger we've ever encountered in our lives.

You're So Cute cheeseburger iPhone case

(via Red Bubble)


10. Cheeseburger Necklace: $24

Yes, this is necklace is absolutely gaudy and over-the-top. Yes, you should wear it every day.

Acrylic cheeseburger necklace

(via Etsy)


11. Cheeseburger Earrings: $7.50

Simple and classic, these cheeseburger earrings are perfect to accessorize any outfit.

Cheeseburger fabric earrings

(via Etsy)


12. Cheeseburger Nail Wraps: $21.15

If you get some cheese on your nails while eating a burger, at least it will blend right in.

Cheeseburger nail wraps

(via Zazzle)


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