A Definitive Ranking of Cheez-It Flavors

Move over, sweets. Some of us just want delicious, salty goodness—especially in the form of a Cheez-It.

There's nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth, but savory foods are just as good, if not better. And Cheez-It keep things exciting. The brand has a variety of drool-inducing snacks.

I'll cop to a particular weakness for Cheez-It's baked snack crackers. Those are the traditional ones, which now come in numerous different flavors. Over the years, I've tried them all and come up with the definitive ranking, from least to most craveable. (While I did the binge for you, I won't blame you if you decide to do your own taste test.)

Read on for the final list, and see if you agree.

8. Whole Grain

These crackers get points for being somewhat healthier, but I'm not here to rank these snacks on that qualifier. This list is all about flavor, and honestly, Whole Grain just isn't as exciting as the other options on here. Don't get me wrong—I'll still eat them, they're just not my first choice.


7. Extra Toasty

Some people want their Cheez-Its with an even toastier taste. The company says on its website that it added the flavor after "years of fan requests." That's definite proof of its appeal, but for me, different cheese flavors are more tempting than extra toasty-ness.


6. Pepper Jack

If you like your Cheez-Its with a little kick, Pepper Jack offers it. They're not overly spicy, so you should be able to handle them, even if you don't typically go for a lot of heat. It's a good flavor, but it's not the only spicy option.

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5. Hot & Spicy

Like Pepper Jack Cheez-Its, the Hot & Spicy ones have a little heat. What's different is that the crackers have a jalapeño Tabasco flavor. As long as you like that particular sauce, these should be right up your alley.


4. Cheese Pizza

I recently tried these for the first time, and I was skeptical about how much a cracker could actually taste like cheese pizza. It turns out I shouldn't have doubted the people behind Cheez-Its. These have flavored powder on them that tastes like marinara sauce. It's impressive, not to mention delish.


3. Cheddar Jack

Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its are full of flavor. They're even cheesier than the original flavor, which I enjoy. In fact, it can be hard to stop eating them.

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2. Italian Four Cheese

Why stop at two different kinds of cheese in your Cheez-Its? The Italian Four Cheese flavor has even more delicious cheesiness. Again, they can be addicting.


1. White Cheddar

Less can be more. The White Cheddar Cheez-Its might not have as many types of cheese, but the flavor is still strong and delicious. They're just so easy to eat and enjoy. I'll admit it: This variety has a very special place in my heart—and stomach.


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