Chelsea Cutler Tells Us All About Performing at Coachella

Chelsea Cutler's performance at Coachella this past weekend absolutely blew us away.

Chelsea singing "Stay Next To Me" alongside Quin XCII and also "Not Ok" was truly a sight to behold. Whether you're a fan of the singer for her stage presence or her ability to draw different emotions through her songs, we think you should continue below to get a look at our exclusive interview with Chelsea Cutler, following her weekend one performance at Coachella!

Sweety High: What makes performing at Coachella different from any other festival?

Chelsea Cutler: I think a really cool differentiating factor is how many people watch the livestream—there is a lot of exposure at Coachella.


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SH: What song was most fun to play?

CC: I loved having Quinn XCII out for "Stay Next To Me." We've played together so many times, it is really second nature being on stage together, so I was beyond stoked that he was able to join me. It was also great playing "Not Ok" and seeing how engaged everyone in the audience was.


SH: What is your favorite memory or experience from performing at Coachella?

CC: Honestly, I am just glad I got to experience the festival after hearing about it for so many years. It really is quite something!


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SH: Who was your personal favorite performer at Coachella?

CC: Holly Humberstone—she is so talented!


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