Cherliz Cohen Shares Her Most Interesting Beauty Career Moments

We've recently started collaborating with beauty influencer Cherliz Cohen, and she's incredibly impressive.

At just 18, she's developed amazing tips and tricks that make her the perfect fit for our platform. If you're as excited as we are for Cherliz' video series with Sweety High, keep reading for our full interview:

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SH: Can you let us know a bit about the video series and your new collaboration with Sweety High?

CC: We're collaborating on two different projects. The one I'm most excited for is the weekly Instagram Lives we'll be doing with fellow beauty and fashion influencers. The second project is a series of videos featuring different looks I create.


SH: What can we expect to see in these videos?

CC: You can expect themed videos inspired by your favorite songs, albums, or television shows and movies. Colored, neutral, and natural looks will also be featured.


SH: What does beauty mean to you?

CC: Beauty is everything to me! I grew up turning to cosmetics when I was upset and it instantly made me feel better. I love experimenting with different products, looks and changing my features.


SH: What's been your career highlight or coolest thing you've gotten to do through work so far?

CC: The highlight of my career has to be doing my best friend's (Storm Ryan) makeup for the Instagram Pride Campaign. I got to go on set and meet so many awesome people and it was honestly an experience I'll never forget.

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SH: What's the one beauty item you can't live without?

CC: Definitely, lashes. I feel like regardless of the amount of makeup you're wearing (even if you're going bare face), lashes are a necessity.


SH: What's your personal favorite beauty moment of all time? 

CC: My favorite beauty moment has to be the time I got my first PR email from CoverGirl. I was in complete shock and was convinced it was a fake email, but it turned out to be real.


SH: What's your most embarrassing beauty moment of all time?

CC: It has to be my 2016-2017 brows. They looked horrendous and none of my friends said a thing!


SH: Who do you look up to in the beauty space, and have you met any of your idols?

CC: I honestly have to say that I look up to my friends. Through social media, I've met so many beauty influencers who are breaking boundaries and doing such cool things. I've met a handful of them last summer at BeautyCon, and it was so cool getting to meet and have actual face-to-face conversations with them.

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SH: Which beauty brand should be on our radar?

CC: Definitely ColourPop. Their brand is luxurious yet so affordable. I'm a huge fan of their makeup sponges and loose setting powder. Both products continue to be a staple in my day-to-day makeup routine.


SH: Take us through your typical AM/PM skincare routine.

CC: At nighttime (if I wear makeup), I take all of my makeup off before using an exfoliator, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. As for the day time, I wash my face and simply use a moisturizer (with SPF) and eye cream. HERE's some more detailed info on my skincare routine, straight from my blog.


SH: What's something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

CC: I love reading. I could easily finish a 500-page book in less than four hours. If a book gets me hooked, I won't put it down until I finish it all.


SH: If you could give your younger self beauty advice, what would it be?

CC: Simple—get your eyebrows done!

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