Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Guru and Insta Influencer Cherliz Cohen

If beauty guru Cherliz Cohen isn't already on your radar, she's about to be in a big way.

She currently has one of our favorite beauty accounts on all of Instagram, with every post reflecting her wonderful creativity and awesome skills as a makeup artist. We can't wait to do some amazing things with her—so we got started by learning more about her.

Here are all the things you definitely need to know about Cherliz.

Cherliz Cohen Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Cherliz Cohen)

Name: Cherliz Cohen

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Birthday: Oct. 10

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. Right new, Cherliz is obsessed with midi and mini skirts.

"I'm so happy skirts are finally making a comeback because I've always been a fan of them."

-Cherliz Cohen

2. Her favorite movie is Lemonade Mouth.

"My best friend and I constantly, constantly reference lines and songs from the movie."

-Cherliz Cohen

3. The last show she binge-watched was the CW'All American. 

4. One of her very favorite dishes she ate growing up was Mofletta, a Moroccan pancake eaten after certain holidays.

5. She cannot live without the VSCO app.

"I love filtering my photos and trying different ones when I'm bored."

-Cherliz Cohen

6. Her go-to Starbucks drink is the Strawberry Açaî Refresher, with no coconut milk or lemonade.

7. Her favorite movies are always coming-of-age films.

"I think they're so cute and I love seeing where a character ends up and how the story comes to end."

-Cherliz Cohen

8. False lashes are her favorite go-to beauty product.

"I feel like no look is complete without them."

-Cherliz Cohen

9. Cherliz's support for the LGBTQ+ community is incredibly important to her.

"I love being involved. From fundraisers to inspired makeup looks, I love to do my part in all aspects. Fun fact—I was actually on set for Instagram's pride campaign and was able to do my best friend's makeup for his shot in the advertisement."

-Cherliz Cohen


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