10 Cheryl Blossom Quotes That Make Perfect Instagram Captions

When it comes to Riverdale, there's never a lack of sass.

The world may be focused on Bughead and Varchie, but we all know that Cheryl is the true queen of Riverdale quips.

If you live for Cheryl's witty one-liners as much as we do, keep scrolling for the perfect quotes of hers to use as Instagram captions:

For a pic of your and your girls glammed up:

"I need girls with fire on my squad."


For a fire selfie:

"I'm in the mood for chaos."

cheryl riverdale featured
(Riverdale via The CW)


For a pic of you tearing it up on the dance floor:

"Did you really think you could have a party without inviting moi?"


For a photo of you with flawless makeup:

"Listen up fives, a ten is speaking."


For a pic with your S.O.:

"If you breathe, it's because I give you air."

cheryl blossom on her bed
(Riverdale via The CW)


For a pic of you with your BFF:

"Want to team up for a little destruction?"


For a pic of your pet trying to steal your food:

"Hands off, Gollum."


For a pic of you trying on your mom's vintage clothes:

"Some people say it's retro, I'd say it's eternal and iconic."

cheryl blossom red coat
(Riverdale via The CW)


For a pic of you with an excessively large pile of homework:

"The answer is a double cherry on top 'no.' "


For a pic of you after you've won a board game with your fam:

"You're welcome to challenge me, but you'll lose."


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