These Chic Water Bottles Will Make You Excited to Hydrate

There's no denying hydrating is essential to our health.

It makes us more alert, improves physical performance and increases brain function. From a vanity standpoint, it also makes our skin silky-smooth and dewy. But let's be honest—sometimes as we hurry through the duties of daily life, we easily forget to drink enough water.

Our solution? A water bottle so cute, so chic, so Instagrammable you'll be proud to carry it around and hydrate all day long. Here are the chicest water bottles that will undoubtedly get you excited to hydrate.

Waterdrop Large Stainless Steel Water Bottle – $55

This super-cute water bottle is double-insulated with stainless steel, keeping cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12. It also comes in a variety of adorable colors, and even gives you the option to choose a color for the lid, making these water bottles totally customizable. Carrying up to 34 oz. of liquid, this option will easily help you achieve your hydration goals.

Waterdrop Large Stainless Steel Water Bottle

(via Waterdrop)


Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Straw Lid – $49.95

Look, VSCO girls were on to something. Hydro Flasks are fabulous. They're sturdy, come in a variety of fun color options, and hold up to 32 oz .of water. They also feature a straw lid, making it easy to sip all day without smudging your lip gloss or spilling on yourself mid-treadmill run at the gym.

Hydro Flask Large 32 Oz Water Bottle with Straw Lid

(via Hydro Flask)


EnergizedCrystalShop Hand-made Crystal Healing Water Bottle – $17.99+

For you crystal-lovers out there, you're going to be obsessed with this water bottle. It's lightweight, glass (fancy!), and comes with a protective case. The best part? When selecting your water bottle, you can select your favorite crystal to infuse your water with all its woo woo wellness. It's also handmade to perfection, boasts rave reviews on Etsy, and is an absolutely gorgeous accessory for any OOTD.

Crytal Water Bottle

(via EnergizedCrystalShop)


Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon Water Bottle – $13.58

Finally, this list would not be complete without the Venture Pal Water Bottle made famous by iconic influencer and water enthusiast @DaniellePrescod. We love the stylish ombre pattern and cool color combos, not to mention the charming motivational quotes cheering you on with each nourishing sip.  With its leak-proof lid and convenient straw, along with its huge size, this is the perfect water bottle to take you from day to night, from school to the gym, and anywhere else your day takes you.

Venture Pal 1 Gallon Water Bottle

(via Venture Pal)


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