Chihuahua Hates Baths- Video Pick Of the Day!

Willie the chihuahua hates baths and loves to go outside… and he's super expressive about it.

Chihuahua hates baths

He seems to be pretty familiar with the phrases "You wanna go outside?" and "You wanna take a bath?" Check out his reactions in the video below!

So how good is a dog's vocabulary? According to some studies, dogs have an understanding of human speech almost as good as apes and parrots!

If you have the time and the patience, it's possible to teach dogs more than a hundred words, and for them to develop the right responses to those words. The average trained dog knows about 160 words!

This chihuahua might have been trained to react the way he does in this video. He might use the phrase "go outside" as a cue to run around looking happy, and the word "bath" to roll on the ground and wallow.

It's just as possible, however, that he actually understands these phrases, and that these reactions are real. Who wants to take a bath when they can go outside and play?

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