China Anne McClain Jones peta2 Campaign!

China Anne McClain joins peta2 in a new campaign, including a video spot with her sweet doggy, Cujo!China Anne McClain Joins Peta2

The organization peta2 is the youth division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and has celebrity ambassadors including Ashley Argota, Daniella Monet, and more!

A.N.T. Farm star China Anne McClain reminds potential pet owners of the responsibility and reward that comes with owning a pet, while dishing out some advice from her own personal experiences with Cujo!

She reminds pet owners to give their pets love and affection, and lots of attention every day.

She adds that it's important to make sure that a pet can fit into your busy schedule before bringing one into your home!

"Make sure that you have enough time to really love on them and really care for them and treat them as well as you can," China Anne said.

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