We Ranked Every Shade of China Glaze's New Fall Nail Polish Collection

Fall is upon us, and with the new season comes China Glaze's fabulous new fall collection called "Street Regal."

China Glaze Street Regal Falll Collection

The collection features a dozen new autumn shades of polish with all the golds, reds and purples you'd expect from the season, in addition to some neutral tones and colorful surprises. They're available for $7.50 each, but which ones should you add to your collection first? We ranked them all to help you decide.

12. Truth Is Gold

If you want a supersaturated gold shine in your nail art, this is the shade to pick, though it was a bit too orangey for our tastes. It's also the most diluted of the fall collection, and may require many coats before your nail doesn't show through. You may even want to wear a white coat underneath for the best effect. Still, gold lovers won't be able to resist it.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Truth Is Gold


11. Street Style Princess

This polish comes in a nice, nearly white grey. You'll need a few coats to get this one to look completely opaque. Once you do, you'll love the shiny finish, even if it's not the most exciting shade on the list.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Street Style Princess


10. Royal Pain in the Ascot

This polish is a lovely deep burgundy with just the right amount of shimmer. It's pretty, but we already have a few polishes like this in our kits.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Royal Pain in the Ascot


9. Haute & Heavy

This deep metallic grey is so dark it's nearly black. It's great for days when you're seeking both darkness and a bit of glitz.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Haute and Heavy


8. Born to Rule

This deep but eye-catching cerulean blue goes on smooth with lots of shine. It's not the most "fall" color out there, but we'll still wear it all autumn long.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Born to Rule


7. Glamcore

This deep, dark purple is suitable for royalty and has just the sparkle you'd expect from China Glaze's shimmer polishes. It's dark, but not too dark.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Glamcore


6. Dawn of the New Reign

This is a pretty, vibrant purple with a glossy finish. Honestly, you'll only need a single coat.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Dawn of a New Reign


5. Rock N' Royal

Rock N'Royal has a subdued but beautiful burnt red shade. It's also very glossy, as well as nice and opaque, so you don't need to waste time painting coat after coat. Plus, the color just screams autumn.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Rock 'N' Royal


4. Accent Piece

If you adore gold but want to take a more subtle approach, try Accent Piece. It's a shimmery metallic with a mellow gold shine. As the name suggests, it's also great for nail accents.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Accent Piece


3. Just a Little Embellishment

This is the only matte polish in the entire collection, and it certainly stands out above the rest. The deep teal color is vibrant but not showy, and it has a perfect matte finish. And if you need your polish to dry fast, this is the one to choose.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Just a Little Embellishment


2. Throne-In' Shade

Taupe nails make the ultimate non-statement statement, and this sandy shade is super glossy, with a professional finish. As you can probably tell, we're a little bit obsessed.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Throne-In' Shade


1. Baroque Jungle

This shade is unique in that we can't exactly pin down its color. In natural light, it's a deep emerald green, but indoors it's more like a gorgeous dark teal. Either way, it looks great on nails, with a rich color that's also oh-so shiny.

China Glaze Street Regal fall collection: Baroque Jungle


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