Shay Mitchell's Stylist Created a Unique 'Tomboy' Rocket Dog Shoe Collection

Celebrity stylist Chloé Bartoli is known for her effortlessly chic California-trendy fashion sense, so when Rocket Dog decided to create their RD x California Girls collection, Chloé was an obvious choice for a designer.

The new pop-up program embraces Rocket Dog's Forever-California-Cool aesthetic while providing customers with a new millennial twist. Each debut collection will feature designs from a new fashion visionary, and Chloé's cool girl style made her the obvious choice for a debut collaborator.

Rage Cage plaid platform boot rocket dog

(via Rocket Dog)

"I wanted to design shoes that represented me and my personal style," Chloé told Sweety High."Therefore I went with more of a masculine tomboy vibe as I live in combat boots."

And the shoes definitely veer away from a feminine look. High platforms, combat boots and muted patterns are all staples in this collection, capturing Chloé's casual chic style.

Acid rock platform sneaker rocket dog

(via Rocket Dog)

Most importantly, however, the designer wanted to stay true to herself.

"I am always in jeans and vintage tees so I wanted to design a line that would go with  my everyday favorite look," Chloé, who styles Shay Mitchell and Madison Beer, said. "I don't really follow trends. I just stick to what I love, which is always vintage and rock 'n' roll vibes. So I decided to keep all the shoes from the collab more of the basic side with not too many bright styles, so the styles remain a classic staple in the closet." 

River Cali Platform Sneaker

(via Rocket Dog)

Classic just about sums it up. The shoes are reminiscent of the '90s grunge style, giving the adventurous look a modern and unique twist. They step out of the box without being too unconventional, and they totally capture that California-cool style we all crave.

Funk Cali Crimson Sneaker

(via Rocket Dog)

But if you're not convinced, the collection is on sale now on the Rocket Dog website, so go check these new kicks out for yourself!


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