How Chloe Jane Tackled Our Relationships With Our Phones in New Single 'Addicted'

Have an unhealthy relationship with your phone? Most of us do—and that's precisely what inspired 19-year-old singer-songwriter and DJ Chloe Jane's debut track, "Addicted."

Chloe's first track and its bold new music video are all about an obsession with technology and the way that our screens can be both a shield from the anxieties of real life and a barrier preventing us from connecting with it authentically. With its dark sound and driving beat, the song manages to be just as addictive as our phones, and we had the opportunity to ask Chloe all about the track and what its lyrics mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Addicted'

Chloe Jane: I wrote "Addicted" about how in today's society, people seem to be totally reliant on their phones and are losing touch with reality. I relate to this because turning to my phone and instantly opening TikTok or Instagram has become a habit when I start to feel uncomfortable or bored out in public. My phone has become a safety blanket in a way, shielding me from the awkward salutations life throws at me. I feel a disconnect with my friends and family sometimes because when I'm at dinner, they're constantly sending texts, looking at Instagram and living in a virtual world instead of having conversations with the people at the table. It can get annoying and unpleasant after a while. People are crossing the street and looking at their phones and putting themselves in danger as well as when driving. It's really crazy how our phones are taking over our lives.


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What 'Addicted' Means

CJ: I hope "Addicted" inspires listeners to put their phones down and live in the moment a little more. This song has given me the opportunity to go around and ask strangers about their relationship with their phones and how it's affecting their daily lives and communication with others. People tell me they're missing out when they don't look at their phone for a while because of the saturation of content and fast pace the world is moving at. The FOMO is real out here!

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Chloe's Favorite Lyric

CJ: My favorite lyric is in the second verse: "Somebody's talking to me. I'm not sure what I should say. Not used to talking this way. No time to think through responses." I love this lyric because during the pandemic, everyone was in lockdown at home and our phones were the only tool we had to be able to communicate with others. Once things started to open up and I went back to school and interacted with people other than my family in real life again, I kind of felt awkward and didn't know how to speak with others face to face after not being able to for two years. I wasn't able to take all the time I wanted to think about what I wanted to respond to a text or go mute on Zoom. A person was right in front of me having a conversation, and I remember that really threw me off for a little bit.

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