Here's What We REALLY Thought of Chobani's New Yogurt Flavors

If I'm on the hunt for a quick, easy breakfast, Chobani yogurt is always one of my first choices.

It's delicious and satisfying, and their wide range of options ensure that I won't get bored eating it day after day. So when Chobani sent Sweety High a batch of their new flavors, I was super excited to try them out.

Keep reading to find out what I thought!

The Products

Chobani is known for using high-quality ingredients to create a delicious Greek yogurt foundation that is then infused with a variety of different flavors. As they've grown, they've expanded beyond typical yogurt flavors into uncharted territory.

Their newest flavors are Strawberry Rhubarb on the Bottom, Watermelon Blended, Pineapple Coconut Blended and a Chobani Flip in Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake. Sounds delicious, right?

Chobani Yogurt New Flavors


The Experience

Strawberry Rhubarb on the Bottom 

I don't know much about rhubarb, so I was definitely interested in how this edible plant would taste in a yogurt. I do know rhubarb is often used in desserts, so I imagined the flavor would be fairly sweet when combined with the strawberry. Boy, was I wrong.

In the first bite of the Strawberry Rhubarb on the Bottom yogurt, I was hit with a strong dose of very tart rhubarb. It wasn't unpleasant, but there was absolutely no strawberry in that first bite, so the tartness of the Greek yogurt and the tangy taste of the rhubarb combined was almost overwhelming. I realized almost immediately that I had probably ineffectually mixed my yogurt and—after taking a little more to fully stir the ingredients—I took a second bite that was much more balanced.

The yogurt has delicious chunks of strawberry that definitely bring the sweet flavor that the rhubarb is missing. The more I ate it, the more I was able to detect both flavors. In the right balance, this combination creates a flavor that hits the sweet and sour elements perfectly, resulting in a yummy yogurt that I would definitely eat again.

Chobani Yogurt Line

Watermelon Blended 

Watermelon in a yogurt sounded so strange to me, but I've learned to trust Chobani's flavor choices, and this one did not disappoint. There was a nice tangy flavor from the Greek yogurt, but it was infused with a refreshing taste of Watermelon that didn't try too hard to take the spotlight.

Watermelon itself is a pretty understated flavor, and this yogurt perfectly captures the nuances of the fruit by allowing it to take a backseat to the taste of the Greek yogurt. At first bite, it tastes like a pretty plain cup of yogurt, but the after-taste of watermelon is sure to confuse your taste buds in a way that will keep you intrigued till the very last bite. It wasn't like any yogurt I've ever eaten, and that fact alone made the experience very enjoyable.

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Pineapple Coconut Blended 

I'm a huge fan of any pineapple-coconut combination, so I was most excited to sample this item, and the flavor is amazing. The pineapple takes center stage, creating a deliciously sour cup of yogurt filled with little bits of coconut. The tropical flavor will have you dreaming of lounging on your favorite beach, soaking up the sun, making it the perfect summer snack.

I will say outside of the little pieces of shredded coconut, it can be hard to detect any coconut flavor at all, but I thought the balance was perfect, especially because I'm not big on coconut by itself.

Chobani Flip Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake 

Now this flavor tasted exactly like what I was expecting the Strawberry Rhubarb on the Bottom to taste like. It was decadently sweet, making me wonder if I was actually eating a dessert for breakfast.

The yogurt was tart from the rhubarb with just a subtle hint of strawberry, but the pieces of white chocolate were sugary and sweet, resulting in a nice balance of flavors. The added note of vanilla from the graham crackers completed the flavor profile perfectly, and the crunchy bits of white chocolate and graham cracker created a perfect texture that added a level of interest to the yogurt.

This new flavor was easily my favorite of the bunch, and I would happily eat it again and again.

Bottom Line

I've always loved Chobani yogurt, but these new flavors are above and beyond what I've come to expect from the brand. They're definitely outside of the norm, so they might take a little getting used to if you prefer a more classic approach to your yogurt. But I think they added a nice dose of adventure to my morning routine, and I would definitely add them to the breakfast section of my refrigerator.

Available at many local grocery stores, including Target, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Walmart and Bristol Farms, these new flavors are currently on sale starting as low as $1 for a single serving cup. But you better act fast—all flavors except Strawberry Rhubarb on the Bottom are a limited batch, so they're sure to sell out fast.


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