The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes With Unique Twists

If there's one dessert that has reached icon status, it's the chocolate chip cookie.

Whether you prefer yours fresh and gooey from the oven or chilled with a glass of milk, few sweets-loving folks can turn down this classic cookie. Yet, just because chocolate chip cookies are as close to dessert perfection as any food can be doesn't mean that there's no way to kick things up a notch.

chocolate chip cookies

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In fact, there are plenty of chocolate chip recipes that take the beloved cookie and twist it just enough to create something brand new, and potentially even more delicious. Ready to take things to the next level? Here are some fun twists on the classic chocolate chip cookie to try.

Carnival Cookies

circus cookies

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Frosted animal cookies, white chocolate chips, and sprinkles infuse this chocolate chip cookie recipe with pure nostalgia. These soft-baked cookies are definitely for those who prefer their desserts as sweet as possible, but they're also ideal for anyone who is a big fan of all things rainbow. In order to get the look of the above photo, don't skip on the sprinkles—variety is key here!

Check out the recipe over at Cookies and Cups.


Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookie potato

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If you're a fan of a good salty and sweet combo, you may be surprised to find how much you enjoy putting potato chips bits in your cookies. No, you won't taste French fries when you bite into this cookie: Instead, the addition of the chips provide a pleasant crunch and punch of salt.

Check out the recipe over at Broma Bakery.


Spiced Chocolate Chip Recipespiced chocolate chip cookies from evil shenanigans

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How food-adventurous are you? If you want to try a totally unique take on the chocolate chip cookie flavor profile, check out these spiced cookies, which get their kick from a mix of cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Similar to a Mexican hot chocolate, these cookies are definitely bold, but also delicious, if that's your thing!

Check out the recipe at Evil Shenanigans.


Gooey Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies

gooey marshmallow cookies

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It's what's on the inside that counts, and what is on the inside of these chocolate chip cookies is a melted marshmallow. Blogger Chocolate Covered Katie recommends using the vegan kind, as they fluff up more than the conventional campfire favorites. For extra soft cookies, refrigerate your dough before popping in the oven!

Read the full recipe over on Chocolate Covered Katie.


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