We Can't Stop Staring at These Mouth-Watering Chocolate Creations on Instagram

If you're a chocolate-lover, then today was made specifically for you.

National Chocolate Day is here and we're celebrating by staring at these more-than-mouth-watering desserts on Instagram. Peep our faves below.????

1. Coffee Cardamom Chocolate Cake

We confess, in addition to being chocolate-obsessed, we may also have a slight coffee addiction. This cake is the best of both worlds.


2. White Chocolate Skulls

Sticking with the theme of the month, we have these totally creepy but delicious-looking white chocolate skulls.

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3. Chocolate Mirror-Glazed Cake

Fall is life, so the aesthetic of this dessert fulfills our every cool weather desire.


4. Chocolate Banana Pancakes

Breakfast or dessert? Why not both?


5. Roasted Chocolate & Strawberry Cheesecake S'mores

If you're not drooling over these ultimate s'mores, you're not a true chocolate-lover.


6. S'mores Chocolate Chia Pudding Parfait

After you're done drooling, you can have a small heart attack over this s'mores pudding parfait.


7. Chocolate French Fries

These french fry chocolate bites only speak the truth. ????????


8. Blue Marbleized Chocolate

Gorgeous and delicious? These concoctions are almost too pretty to eat (emphasis on the almost).


9. Triple Chocolate Brownies

Send help because now that we've seen these triple chocolate brownies, the cravings are beyond real.


These are by far the best desserts on Instagram, but THESE are the best ones at your fave chain restaurants.