Here's What Happened When I Baked Cookies With Sugar-Free ChocZero Chocolate Chips

When you think of chocolate, you probably imagine a flavor that's rich, decadent and totally packed with sugar.

You might think that health or dietary restrictions that limit how much sugar you eat would take chocolate completely off the table, but thanks to companies like ChocZero, that's no longer the case.

The brand is dedicated to creating a range of sugar-free chocolate products—so when they reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in trying their brand new chocolate baking chips, I jumped at the opportunity. Could they possibly be just as good as their sugar-filled counterparts? I had to try them myself to find out.


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The Product

ChocZero makes everything from chocolate squares to chocolate bark and chocolate syrup, but without all of the sugar you'd expect to find in your favorite chocolate-y treats. Sweetened with monk fruit, their products are free of sugar, GMOs, sugar alcohols and soy.

The latest addition to the ChocZero lineup is baking chocolate chips in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. While the carb count on most chocolate chips comes from sugars, the guilt-free carbs in these chips comes almost exclusively in the form of dietary fiber. They sell for $5.99 per 7 oz. bag.


(via ChocZero)


The Experience

While sugar-free baking chocolate sounded too good to be true, I had to keep in mind that I've been pleasantly surprised by sugar-free treats in the past, so I went into tasting ChocZero with an open mind. For my first taste test, I decided to try each of the chips right out of the bag, and I was immediately delighted with them.

All three tasted exactly how you'd expect high-quality chocolate chips to taste. There was no funky aftertaste at all, and though I could sense a tiny textural difference—they were ever so slightly filmy in the mouth—I found the experience a lot more palatable than cheap, full-sugar chips I've tried in the past. The milk chocolate chips were smooth and satisfying, the dark chips weren't overly sweet, and the white chips were sweet and creamy without being overpowering. Had I not known they were sugar-free, I wouldn't have suspected a thing.

But since these were baking chips, the serious test came when I actually tried baking them into some cookies. I decided to substitute ChocZero chips into an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe to see how it would go. I made two batches—one with a cup of the milk chocolate chips, and another with a half-cup each of the white and dark chocolate chips—and popped several scoops of each in the oven, eagerly awaiting the result. They came out of the oven kind of stuck together (which was my fault entirely), but besides that, they looked delicious.


I started with the more traditional milk chocolate chip cookie, and found that it tasted exactly like the classic cookie. It tasted perfect, and the slightly unusual texture I sensed when I tried the chips alone was totally absent. The dark-white chocolate combo cookies were just as good, with the two contrasting flavors blending in one scrumptious cookie. I found that both resulted in treats that were easy to eat, and didn't make me sick from way too much sugar.


That first batch of cookies was gone all too fast, and I had enough left to make another couple dozen cookies. One of my favorite ways to test whether something with a healthy twist is actually as good as I think is sharing it with others who have zero interest in healthy eating. Both kinds of cookies got the seal of approval from people who had no idea they were even sugar-free.


Bottom Line

If you're trying to go sugar-free but still crave chocolate, I definitely recommend trying out ChocZero. These chocolate chips may be twice the price of your typical grocery store chips, but they taste just as good as the classics and might help you reintroduce a forbidden fave into your diet. If you're not concerned about extra sugar, there's probably not much point in checking these out, but chances are good that you'd love them.

However, if you do want to get your hands on some of these chocolate chips, be sure to check out ChocZero's website after Friday at 5 p.m. PT, when they restock. These chocolate chips sell out fast, and we don't want you to miss out.

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