It's Hard to Believe ChocZero's Dark Chocolate Peppermint Keto Bars Are Sugar-Free

When I first tried ChocZero's sugar-free chocolate chips back in October, I was instantly won over.

Somehow, the company managed to use monk fruit rather than sugar to get a nearly identical flavor and feel to classic chocolate chips, resulting in delicious cookies that flew off the cooling rack at home. So when ChocZero told me that they'd added a Dark Chocolate Peppermint Keto Bark to their lineup, I simply had to taste it. They generously sent me some to try, and it lived up to all my expectations.

The Product

ChocZero specializes in gluten- and soy-free chocolately treats sweetened with monk fruit so they include zero added sugar, making them fit right into most sugar-free diets. While sugar-free chocolate might not sound so delicious, they manage to get them to taste nearly identical to the traditional chocolate treats you know and love.

Their lineup includes 11 keto bark products in milk and dark chocolate flavors, including their festive Dark Chocolate Peppermint Keto Bark.  While last year it was only available for a limited time during the holiday season, it's returned this year as a permanent fixture in ChocZero's online store. The bars are made of sugar-free 55% cacao dark chocolate packed with ultra crunchy bits of sugar-free peppermint candy. Each bag contains six individually wrapped one-ounce bars and costs $6.99.



The Experience

I find that there's something completely irresistible about the combination of peppermint and chocolate, so as soon as these arrived, I was eager to chow down. I was glad to find that each of the individually packed bars was quite sizable at more than three inches wide and about two inches tall, with a nice depth to it as well. The strong peppermint smell also told me I was in for a treat.

I found the rich dark chocolate in the bar as satisfying as the chocolate chips. The flavor was full, but not too sweet, and didn't carry too much of a funky artificial aftertaste. I also like to really savor chocolate, nibbling at it a bit at a time, and while not every tiny piece included peppermint, I very much enjoyed the flavor when it did. The crunchy texture and strong mint flavor felt identical to bits of candy cane, even though I knew they technically didn't have any sugar, and the green-tinged pieces of candy embedded in the chocolate more closely resembled rock candy.

After eating about a third of the bar, I found that just a little bit of it could go a long way. Just a small piece left me feeling super satisfied, gratifying my chocolate cravings and leaving a warm peppermint flavor in my mouth. Maybe it's just me, but by breaking up the bar into little pieces, I was able to make it last all day, enjoying it a little bit at a time. While the six pieces in each bag might not seem like a lot at first glance, to me, it turned out to be plenty. In fact, I definitely have enough to share through the holiday.



Bottom Line

ChocZero's Dark Chocolate Peppermint Keto Bark tastes amazing whether or not you're avoiding sugar, and I imagine it tastes even better to someone who's been depriving themself of chocolatey treats. At $6.99 per bag, it's not exactly the most inexpensive peppermint chocolate you can buy, but, if you savor each bite, you can really make them last. Best of all, they'll be in stock beyond the holiday season, so if you become obsessed now, you'll be able to replenish your stock when it's all gone.


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