11 Awesome Choker Trends to Wear Right Now

If you're on social media, one thing is undeniably apparent: Chokers have made a comeback this year, and they don't seem to be going anywhere soon!

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are wearing them on repeat, and all your fave style bloggers can't seem to get enough of them. Funny enough, the first choker I wore was a DIY–I pulled out a black shoe string from an old vintage boot and still wear it today.

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So what is fashion's obsession with chokers and will they go out of style? While this trend took a long hiatus after the '90s, I don't see it slowing down. The reason chokers are so popular is because there are a ton of choker styles, allowing us to evoke different vibes and personalities with a simple necklace. Let's break them all down.

1. Skinny and Statement-Making

The vibe: simple and cute. This style is easy, chic and will update any look. Plus, it elongates the neck! You can even DIY this style with a thin ribbon.

2. Bow-Tied

Chokers are inherently edgy, plain and simple. But, if you want something on the sweeter side, try super delicate strings tied into a bow. My favorite is by Are You Am I, who also makes a ton of other great chokers!

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3. Charmed

Embellished chokers are starting to gain traction. Personally, I love the way they look–almost like a pet collar. This style is totally fun and great for a night out. ASOS is my go-to for this style because they have a great selection and low prices!


4. Thick

Definitely not a look for the shy! Thick chokers are the most unique of the bunch. Just keep in mind the thicker the choker, the shorter your neck will look. If you're into it, try the Moet Choker by Trois the Label.


5. Colorful

Who says chokers have to be black? I'm all about experimenting with color and texture, like light pink and velvet! I wouldn't rush into an investment piece here, try these from ASOS first to make sure you're into the style.

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6. Faux Tattoo

The tattoo choker is as '90s as it gets! A staple of club kids back in the day, the faux-tattoo choker is making a comeback, and I love it! As someone who grew up in the '90s, I had such a blast heading to Claire's recently and picking one up–it made me feel like a teen again!

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7. Dainty Layered Chains

I absolutely live for this look. Its subtle, barely-there vibe is the perfect everyday feel. Revolve has a beautiful selection of chains to choose from.

The Cruxe chain choker ✨ just launched #ayai

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8. Bandana Choker

I'm still not over bandanas, and my current fave way to wear them is rolled up into a choker. You can buy a pack of 12 bandanas for just $12 on Amazon, so you can try out different colors! I also put together a fun video on eight ways you can wear a bandana!


9. Bolero Choker

Channel your inner cowgirl and test out a bolero choker, the perfect accessory for nailing your '70s style! Forever 21 makes a solid option, but you can also shop vintage for something extra special.

Chokers instantly add a little something extra to your look. The only style I would stay away from is the built in choker, because they're silly and pointless. Why not just get an awesome choker that you can re-wear with a bunch of different tops and dresses? Have fun, and don't be afraid to mix and match!


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