These Chrissy Teigen Tweets Make the Most Hilarious Instagram Captions

Chrissy Teigen has basically become synonymous with the title "Queen of Twitter."

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There's nothing we love more than scrolling through Chrissy's feed for some fresh takes and laugh-out-loud material. And while we love stalking this star's Twitter life, we've found an all-new use for some of her best content.

Keep scrolling for Chrissy Teigen tweets that make the most hilarious Instagram captions.

For a photo of your first trip back to the gym in a while:


For a photo of you trying out an especially interesting food combination:


For a photo of you on a recent vacation:


For a photo of you ditching your uncomfortable heels at a school dance:


For a photo of you after a particularly moody day:


For a photo when it's only Tuesday, but the week is just too long:


For a photo of you sporting your go-to style for 3rd-day hair:


For a photo of you really struggling to complete your math homework:


For a group photo where you very obviously look the best:


For a photo of you not-so-slyly begging for likes:


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