Christen Dominique Reveals Inspiration Behind Her Latte Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup guru Christen Dominique has been a YouTube fan favorite for years, so when she announced she was launching her own cosmetic line, we knew it'd be something special.

We chatted with Christen about how her very first product, the Latte Palette, became a reality. Keep reading to find out what she said!

Christen Dominique Latte Palette

(via Dominique Cosmetics)

Sweety High: The Latte Palette is the first launch from your brand new line, Dominique Cosmetics. What inspired this product?

Christen Dominique: Obviously, I'm a big coffee fan! Every color on the palette is named after a coffee flavor—Hazelnut, Caramel, Macchiato. I wanted to create a palette that you can wear every day, but if you want to add a pop of color, you can. There are seven matte colors and three foils for a full variety of looks.

SH: What goes into designing a palette?

CD: The look of the palette was came from a pillow I saw that was really interesting and geometric and had a lot of different textures that inspired me. I love the coppery rose gold foil on the box . I feel like it fits with the coffee theme without being, well, brown.


SH: When creating these eyeshadows, what qualities were most important to you?

CD: I wanted mostly mattes for detailed dimension in your eye, like the celebrity makeup look. Everything is super blendable and buildable, so you can really control the intensity of the look you want. The foils are made with real crushed pearls, and they just slide across your skin like butter.


SH: Can you give up some insider tips for using the Latte Palette?

CD: The Double Shot is a matte reddish purple that looks pretty on everyone's eyes, and the Cold Brew deep teal looks great on the lower lash line if you're not afraid of color. The Vanilla Creme has a yellow undertone that brightens dullness around the eyes, and you can also use it to set your undereyes. And I love to use the Espresso, Macchiato—and Crème Brulee foils are also great for highlighting!


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