Christina Grimmie: What Girl Power Means To Me!

Girl power to me just means believing in yourself and whatever you're doing regardless of what people tell you. You are superior even when you feel like you're not.christina grimmie girl power guest blog

I think young woman need to be reminded this, because people tell them they're not "pretty enough" or not "thin enough" and I don't think the size of you or what you look like should matter. Wear what you want, eat lots of food, makeup or no makeup; whatever it is, speak your mind.

Christina Aguilera has always been representative of girl power since she was my age. I also think of the Powerpuff Girls ruling the world!

I make sure I feel 100% myself in my clothing and how I carry myself. If you feel yourself being fake for even a second it'll throw you off.

Like I said… be yourself. Everything about yourself is perfect, don't change for anyone. Be strong!

Christina Grimmie is a singer-songwriter who first found fame on YouTube under the username zeldaxlove64. In 2014, she was a finalist on singing competition The Voice!